Launch a new CFL Magazine

Good day to everyone, thanks for reading my post.

I am writing this here to get an idea of the interest people would have if there was a new CFL magazine that went into publication? Would people be interested in subscriptions, buying it at a news stand, getting it at the stadium, or would they expect it to be free? I think the finanicial state of the game is growing and it may be time to look at it again to bring coverage and more exposure to the league. The new magazine could rival the Hockey News and Sports Illustrated.

If I could get it in Las Vegas NV , I would be interested .

It is possible but lots of work and lots of money to put into it. I did the Rouge Magazine 10 years ago and it was a blast, but would change things if I could do it all over again. If you are serious let me know and we can talk about what your plans are as I would love to offer another CFL fan some tips and maybe this can happen?

Jason Sperling

I would interested, but even moreso if it included CIS, junior and other levels of play. Basically, more of a Canadian football magazine than a CFL-specific magazine.

thats what i would like, a Canadian football magazine, but with most of the focus on the CFL, some on cis, and maybe every month focus on the high schools of one proviince or something. i would buy it off the news stands for sure.

Put me on the list. I would buy a subscription in a second.

The last CFL magazine was entitled "the official CFL Magazine" (CanMedia Inc). I believe it ran from 2004 - 2006. The cost was approximately $6.00 per issue. The articles were good and the photos were great. With so few publications per year, the stories were a little late arriving.

I would recommend a monthly publication on newsprint. The cost per edition should be about $10.00 with a yearly subscription fee of $95.00. The early spring editions would look at the draft followed by free agents. The late fall editions could include the CFL, CIS, and Junior Football.

Btw, great job with your internet show. I make sure to catch it everytime! I love how you focus from grassroots to the cfl, not just the cfl.
Also, would love a canadian football magazine ala the hockey news.

I remember when there was Rouge Magazine, I bought a couple issues at the newsstand, had good quality paper all pro looking

Call the magazine GRIDIRON. Focus on Canadian football on all levels, but include Canadians in the NCAA and former CFLers in the NFL. Market it like an Amercian football magazine and you'll have a winner. :cowboy:

I personally think there needs to be a cfl video game first. We need the exposure and bring up the young generation. I think monies and ideas should be put towards this venture and we all need to help

I would buy a CFL magazine here in the States if one were available and also fully support a CFL videogame so that I don’t have to create all of the teams in Backbreaker on 360. Would be nice if they could work out a deal to have the guys behind Backbreaker release CFL dlc on Xbox live or something which would be a cheaper alternative then to going all out and releasing a CFL branded game.

Glossy 4-colour preferably and I would subscribe, just like I did to the "Official CFL Magazine" a few years ago.

CFL only for me.

"CFL collectibles" would be a great feature, as well as a "where are they now?" story. That info doesn't get stale.

Dance Team feature each issue might help sales too? Spotlight a CFL hottie each month? Just a thought.

I'd subcribe to a new CFL magazine, like I did with the last CFL magazine. My preference would be a year round (6 bi-monthly + 2 specials) CFL specific with some CIS up and comers, glossy, 60 -70 pages similar to Canada's 90 years old history magazine 'Canada's History -formerly The Beaver' which I subscribe to. The problem facing magazines today is they can't keep up with the internet, so the magazine would have to focus on the league's history, past and present players and stars, where are they now features, collectables/memorabilia, calendar and schedule inserts in the post Grey Cup/Christmas and Spring specials, player and or team centre folds (no hottie of the month for me please - If I want that I'd buy Playboy), and subcribers only website material/stories/video...

One of my pet peeves is the lack of CFL collectables such as player cards available at fast food chains like McD's or Wendy's or how about Canadian-only Harveys... Isn't the Commish the son of the former head of McCrappy's? If you want the league to grow the 7-11 generation is going to have to be targeted with card and cups promotions and video games... 8)

This reminds me, a couple of weeks ago, I bought a Snickers bar. The packaging was plastered with Hockey Canada stuff (not NHL). It got me thinking that perhaps Football Canada (not CFL) could aim for a similar program. It wouldn't benefit the CFL directly, but it could contribute to a stronger amateur/junior program, which could in turn benefit the CFL with stronger a stronger pool of Canadian talent to draw from. Also, promoting Football Canada promotes all forms of football, including CFL, I would guess.

I didn't even know there was a CFL magazine until I saw the very last issue at a Chapter's in 2006. I was planning on getting a subscription but it was too late. I'd be very happy to subscribe to a new publication.