Laughing at all the "boycotters" now.

I've said it all along & even under my old username before they blocked me for lashing out for letting last weeks game slip away.

All the team needed to do was grow as a whole. You could see the improvment over time & this game tonight proves that.

I hope all the boycotters are watching this game one way or another & feel so stupid.

Thats all.

are you kidding. they will take credit, claiming their threats to boycott made the difference :roll:


Oski Wee Frickasee,

It doesn't take much intelligence to realize that this was only one game, and that this is was still very much the same team that LOST the previous five games. The game was close through the third quarter and would have been closer had it not been for mistakes made by the Bombers. It's great that the Cats won; I hope this continues, but I'm not going to suddenly come to the conclusion that all is now well. There are still significant problems with the way the team plays, and a few injuries to key players and the season is over. So don't count your lucky stars just yet.

Nice to see ya back Russ!!..... glad the crow is cooking for the nay sayers.... WOW.. I'm still wowing about that game.... needless to say glad I'm typing.. I have no voice

Memo: the pissless Corn Flakes are one aisle over.

:D :D :D

I see Jesse 211 in the constellation over...there!

Anyway, the team made a statement tonight. Time will tell of course what the net effect will be. This is a debating point?

jesse player of the week again.has to be fav for mvp so far.
the team as a whole has potential and has show improvement each week. i've been only pointing out the obvious.we still got work to do and i expect to continue to get better and that includes maas too

Yep, they just missed the best Tiger-Cat game of the Bob Young era, which admittaly isn't saying much, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say, honestly, as far as regular season games go, I haven't seen one this EXCITING in at least 5 years or more. That game had EVERYTHING.

i taped the game at home if any of the boycotters would like to see it, feel bad you might have been deprived.

Sure, feel free to send me a copy. I'd be happy to point out all the problems that still exist and will no doubt lead to more losses in the future.

i'm sure you'll have no problems finding any negatives in anything positive.

So are you going to send it or not. You offered, I accepted. It sounds to me like you're trying to back out of it now.

sorry i had to take a leak.

Yeah, I thought as much.

wouldn't be much for me to grab the vid outta my dvd recorder finalize and throw it on my hard drive,but just because i'm not gonna jump up now didn't mean i wasn't gonna do it. so the hell with it anyways.

I think that you shouldn't be making excuses if you stated that you would do, especially considering that you admit that it wouldn't take much effort.


First of all we did make mistakes and took dumb penilties but SO WHAT! the fact of the matter is we won our first game and it is our first step in the long journey ahead to greatness.

Secondly if you seriously want to look for negatives maybe you should look in the mirror and notice the horrible reflection of your team support and give your head a shake.

Thirdly the fact that no one on earth is perfect means that in every game there will be mistakes and to correct or point them out is the job of our teams coach and not the wannabe fans like your self.

All of the above that states OUR applies to the team and the true fans of the Tiger-Cats. The fans that would never post or agree in a thread calling for a Boycott.

I'm absolutly sick of the trolls on this site always being negative and the thing that bothers me the most is that they are not man enough to admit that they were wrong.

Okay, you do that and then I'll point out all of the positives that are going to lead to more wins.

Because on any given night, there are positives and negatives. Tonight, our positives outweighed our negatives for the first time this season and there is no reason to think we can't keep moving in the right direction.

They still need to protect Maas better. He's getting sacked way tooo often.