Laughably Indefensible Disgrace

No tackling. Banks and other receivers plow through 3 Ticant's defenders for one major score and a big gain. Laughable. Nobody wraps up. The TERRIBLE second down route running by White. You need 10 he'll get you 8. Try running past the first down marker. it's not rocket science. If you need 3 dollars for a loaf of bread and you only bring 1 dollar you are probably not buying that bread. We learn this in all facets of life.

Morton can't get a yard to turn it over. Just when you think it cannot get agonizing enough, a ball deflected off Dunbar and Peters with his 1,000th interception against the Tiger Cants. The dumb penalties and getting punked by Banks at home. What a pathetic group of players to ever disgrace this uniform. Worst team in the history of the Tiger Cants. Even worse than the 1-14 season where they only beat the Riders when the Riders were crappy. What a joke. What a 4th quarter joke on repeat and speed dial. Poor fans. Get your rears booed at home on Labour Day after coming out 3-8. What a painful and pitiful excuse for a football team making all those good fans sit in the rain to subject them to this absolute abuse. Just a an unacceptable pitiful excuse.


Make Tim Horton's Field empty for the rest of the season...

If you keep lining their pockets, you'll just encourage the same behaviour...

So your saying that the team is not spending to the cap? Not buying tickets will lead to bankruptcy. Is that what you want? I don’t understand your logic.


Make the billionaire owner pay out of his own pocket for this mess he owns...

He's "The Caretaker" after all...

Ah, but are they worse than our 1-17 team of 2003?

Bob Young's golly gee I'm the caretaker schtick has run it's course. Maybe he'll get the message from empty seats and lack of playoff gate revenue. Don't start with the Bob saved the team stuff. That was almost 20 yrs ago.


This team doesn't have the excuse of going bankrupt.


In no way, shape or form am I defending this team but they could be given a pass on today's dreadful performance. The only points scored were off a pick-six and a punt single. This was to be expected from needing to use your third and fourth string QB's. There is not a single team in the league including the mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers that could maintain peak efficiency offensively if faced with this same situation.
Now remember....I stated that this was for this game only. As for the rest of the season so excuses, they are just terrible and I really do not expect them to get much better.


And yet, last year we won two games with Watford starting.

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Much better surrounding cast...And one of the games was against Ottawa...


And the other was Calgary with BLM at QB.

Hence the "much better surrounding cast" comment...The current team is clearly talent deficient at key areas and it was noticeable right from the opening of free agency last winter...

If the front office of this team doesn't care to improve why should the fanbase foot the bill for it???


Fire him.

A disgrace.

Back to back Grey Cup appearances.
We are on our rookie 3rd string QB.
Tough winning games with a rookie 3rd string.


Yes. They are worse. That 1-17 team at least showed some heart.

Watford was mobile and could get a yard. Where the Cats picked up these two stiffs for backups is beyond me. They don't need a 230 lb qb who cannot scramble nor roll out of the pocket. Defenses just pin their ears back. It's atrocious. The worst state of affairs I have ever seen. I don't understand it. Has Bob Young taken to drinking or something?

These sophomoric rants are not new . This must be therapeutic for some but I've read better in a high school yearbook.


People are upset and want to vent, rant, scream, etc. But please don't start multiple venting threads or multiple "Fire Orlondo" threads.


I guess there's no acknowledgment of the Argos domination