Latest York Report – Cheap shot at our Caretaker

I guess we shouldn't knock the fact that he writes for the Metro News. The Metro News is given out free to commuters in Toronto and ottawa and is read by more people than the Hamilton and Toronto Stars combined.
This is true, the Metro is one of the highest read newspapers in the country, but the CFL Report is not in the paper, only available on line. I wonder how many people visit the site...

I love the fact that Marty refers to Metro as "a national paper". :lol:

I believe it is in the paper. The York Report is a regular feature, and doesn’t just cover the CFL.

I believe it is in the paper. The York Report is a regular feature, and doesn't just cover the CFL.
True, but York also does a "CFL Report" on top of his "York Report". The "CLF Reprot" is only available on the net...

Wow, Bob could be the richest owner in Football?

I knew I should have suspected something when Seahawk's owner Paul Allen (NET WORTH $21 BILLION USD), tried to bum some change off of me.

And that Wayne Huizenga, fellow. Man, with a NET WORTH OF $2 BILLION USD, he's practically a hobo. A hobo, I tell ya!

Ditto for Preston Tisch, Giant's owner. His $3.9 BILLION USD is pocket change. Heck, I bet he's prone to dining and dashing.

And, have you seen Robert McNair? That dude is so poor, once I rang his doorbell and he leaned out his window and said "ding".

Hey Marty, if you're going to make a comment in the papers, please get your facts straight.

Thank you.

And Marty... I'd kick your butt on Jeopardy, anyday. :wink:


There's one more football guy....Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, who is worth $18 BILLION USD. After all, technically, Chelsea is a "football" club. :wink: )