Latest York Report – Cheap shot at our Caretaker

Well, are good buddy and world renowned journalist Marty York as his latest CFL report up. Check it out:

He specifically calls out Bob Young, the “zillionaire? and “the richest owner in all of professional football?, for charging media $100 for season’s parking at IWS. I think that Bob should be charging more for the media, especially Marty York, we don’t want that guy at Ivor Wynne. Also, throws in some shots a Greg Marshall’s coaching.

York and Bob have a real hate-on for each other!

What page of the Sun was that on?? I'd like to see the article...oh wait he writes for that commuter newspaper now right?? Oops my bad. :smiley: I'm sure Bob wasn't the least bit upset by that.

Is that really a newspaper??? One step lower and Marty will be writing for Polk High about Al Bundy's 4 touchdowns in one game!

Bob may be a "zillionaire", but he kinda wants to run the team at a profit, not a loss.

York is the worst! I once played touch football against his team. He just whined and complained the whole time.

Marty thinks that parking passes are overpriced? I think his newspaper is overpriced. It may be free but it's still overpriced.
As for his deep sources, everything he reported was discussed in depth on Reading a CFL board and then summarizing it is considered reporting? :roll:

My guess is he applied for a job with the Cats and didn't get it, hence the cheap shot. Just a guess, I also know of someone who applied for a job and he does cheap shots now at the Cats as well. To be expected I suppose when you think you should have got a job. But I don't really know if this is the case with Porky Dorky.

Consider the “source” (as Marty always does) - a free commuter paper. The man’s career is in a downfall, and he’s complaining because that parking price seriously cuts into his dwindling salary.

I find it hard to imagine Bob having a “hate-on” for anyone… this is the guy who has made it his personal mission to dissolve certain Argo-based chants into the dust of history.

Myork did compliment Marshall too; I read the “tantrum” remark as more of an observation :wink:

I can only assume that a REAL newspaper would pay such employee expenses such as gas and parking to cover events for the paper. Guess Marty's expense account is limited to a beer and a dog at the games.

I liked York's article. It was informative. Regarding taking shots at Bob and Greg. So what. Let it go.
Does Bob have deep pockets (the zillionaire reference)? Yes he does. And thank goodness he does. We the Ticat fans have benefited from it. And I would assume Bob is beginning to make a profit on his team.

Charging the media $100 to park for the season. About time. Is Marty York paying for's on the expense account. Watch for the other teams follow in line if they aren't already.

Does Coach Marshall expressive when he is upset. YEP! You bet he is. Has been since day one. No new news here Marty.

And to give credit to Marty York, he does compliment Marshall and expects the Ticats to do well(Sec29guy missed that part).

Nothing new here.
Keep up the good work Marty.

I would seriously doubt that.

I’ve seen nothing, nor have I heard of anything that supports that statement.

I know, how preposterous, I can’t imagine that at all. Next thing York’ll be telling us that Bob has a hate-on for fans that don’t cheer in a proper, prescribed fashion.

Yeah he really goes off on Marshall.

‘He’s an excellent coach, though, and I still believe the Ticats will prevail in the CFL’s East this season.’

That was Sec29guy’s wording, not Marty’s.

Am I the only one who thinks “Hello McFly?” when I see the name Marty? Quoting that movie line probably means I’m stuck in the 1980s, but with York it’s often appropriate.

True that, pardon the careless editing.

I shoulda just stuck with giving big-ups to the phrase “the guy who has made it his personal mission to dissolve certain Argo-based chants into the dust of history.” I dig the drama.

It may not be censorship, but it’s most definitely chant-ocide.

Personally I like reading York and have his column bookmarked.Maybe his career has taken a downturn and maybe he speculates a bit too much, so what. Still makes interesting reading.

Herb Zurkowsky CFL beat writer for Mtl Gazette was bitching about the same thing last week.

Reporters around the CFL like to compare their treatment vs how they're spoiled at NHL games etc.

It varies from stadium to stadium as to what ind of pre-game emal or beverages they get. But I've never heard of a team charging media for parking passes. Tho that may have changed in recent years.

From the same article:

• So whatever happened to defensive lineman Joe Montford?

In one of the biggest mysteries in the CFL during the exhibition season, the Edmonton Eskimos cut the sackmaster and future Hall of Famer and no CFL club tried to claim him.

Well, word is that the Esks – and club president Hugh Campbell – let it be known that Montford had slowed down considerably in training camp and was no longer worth the six-figure salary he was drawing.

Marty must have some prety bad sources, as well as a bad memory. Montford was cut in late April, well before training camp started. It would be pretty hard for Campbell to make a credible statement about Joe’s performance in camp.

I guess we shouldn't knock the fact that he writes for the Metro News. The Metro News is given out free to commuters in Toronto and ottawa and is read by more people than the Hamilton and Toronto Stars combined.

Good point, but as a GO Train rider I’ve observed that “browsed” is probably a better word than “read” - anyone relying on that paper or its cousin 24 for their sports fix is bound to suffer symptoms of withdrawal by the end of their commute.

Bottom line: you get what you pay for. This applies to free commuter papers and stadium parking. 8)