Latest Vanstone column

I don't like the idea that the next 2 games are "meaningless" "exhibition games".

The lackadaisical attitude amongst Vanstone and Rider coaching staff should be rather alarming. Sure 2nd place is wrapped up. However the way the Riders are playing I don't think we could beat a high school team

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Perhaps you skipped over this part:

"From a strictly results-oriented standpoint, the Riders are playing meaningless football until mid-November. Do not try telling that to head coach Ken Miller and his charges, who are going to considerable lengths to avoid minimizing the looming collision with B.C.

"Certainly, the (playoff) game in the future is the most important game that week, but this week is really where our focus has to be in order to be prepared to play better later,'' Miller said Friday after the Roughriders practised on Taylor Field.

"From every aspect possible, we've been taking this game very seriously — from meeting with the leaders and having the extended meetings and the intensity of our practices and the coaches' preparation and interaction with the players. In every way possible, we have tried to keep the focus on this particular football game right now.''

I know that you are prone to sensationalism but Miller - at least his words - don't support your contention. Vanstone's? Well, who cares? He ain't gonna be on the field or directing the traffic.

Vanstone grew up playing a violin, don't pay him any attention.

Miller has repeated the same thing before each of the last 4 games. And if we lose today, he will say it again before the semifinal. And if we lose that, he will have no further opportunities to repeat it!