Here is my usual top 10 in weekend TV numbers with some applicable comments.

1-4 World Cup soccer high 922,000-low 650,000
5. Hockey draft Saturday TSN, you got to be kidding me, what moron would watch this-booooooorrrrinnnng @ 540,000 - I don’t believe this figure, audit necessary
6. CFL, Sunday TSN BC-Sask @ 406,000 proving how Sunday night primetime works
7. CFL, Saturday CBC Mon-Ham @ 361,000
8. Baseball, Friday Sportsnet NY-Tor 352,000
9. Horse Racing, Sunday TSN @ 345,000
10. CFL, Friday Tor-Winn TSN @ 308,000, low figure with Crap Jays winning the night?

The BC @ Sask game would have been even higher if the blackout in saskatchewan had been lifted.

Every game would be higher if blackouts were lifted… :roll:

The blackouts should be lifted for all games, IMO

then lots of people wouldnt go to the game if they can watch it on TV (which is the point of the blackout in the first place)

Blackouts are necessary evils, but with 30,000 seat stadiums in cities with just over a million people, I don't see why they couldn't show all games on TV. Their will always be people and ture fans who want to go and see games.

I personally don't get too caught up in these numbers. Remember that Toronto is one big city in Canada and the Jays will always have good ratings. BUT, a province like Saskatchewan and a small city like Regina is equally important to the fabric of what makes up Canada and while they don't have the numbers in population, I bet the per capita of people watching the Riders in Regina/Saskatchewan beats the hell out of Toronto's population watching the Crap Jays.
Man I try to watch baseball but it is so darn slow, I don't know how anyone can watch this sport.

This is a very good number considering almost nobody from Quebec watched the game.

Last Saturday, it was St-Jean-Baptiste in Quebec (our so-called national day). Everybody goes out to party, there are shows in every cities, booze rivers everywhere, etc.

As if that wasn’t enough, it was the F1 Grand Prix weekend, with events and other parties organized everywhere downtown.

So I doubt a lot of Quebecers watched the game. Even a die-hard fan like MartyMix missed it because he was at a wedding… in Hamilton ! lol… right beside the game…

Hope he didn't get mugged or anything like that here Third, if he was right near our stadium, well, let me just say our stadium isn't in what you'd call the prestigious part of Hamilton.


5. Hockey draft Saturday TSN, you got to be kidding me, what moron would watch this-booooooorrrrinnnng @ 540,000 - I don't believe this figure, audit necessary

I know alot of people that watched some of it. I dont think anyone watched the whole thing though. I just watched up to #13 to see who Toronto got, then I left.

As an aside, I'd be interested to know what the worldwide viewing figures are for CFL given that mainland Europe now gets either live or delayed-as coverage of every CFL game. I wonder if it's even as high as 1000 viewers...

CFL games reach 70 million homes in the U.S. and their U.S. cable consultant has claimed that more Americans watch the CFL than Canadians...Which maybe not that incredible since about 400,000 fans watch in Canada.

The CFL also has claimed to reach 170 countries around the world and games are televised on both the Canadian & U.S. Armed Forces Network. Unless they are bald-faced liars, I would estimate the worldwide audience of the CFL outside Canada at over 1000, but less than 1 million.