Latest Rumor has KC Chiefs Hosting 2008 Game in Germany


There is no mention of Canada (no Toronto, no Edmonton), but the NFL's current agreement with the owners if for up to 2 games per season in international locations -- so they could conceivably do this Chiefs game in Germany plus another team hosting in a Canadian city in 2008.

Germany will likely get to host a few NFL games because of the relative success of NFL Europe there, and because they have a bunch of new stadiums built for the 2006 World Cup.

That's true -- Germany should be ready to host the NFL in a number of cities. I'd expect Frankfurt to be the front-runner for Germany since it's a big city where NFL Europa tends to draw the biggest crowds (and has the oldest NFLE franchise -- the Frankfurt Galaxy (the only team left from the WLAF)).

I've seen articles (quoted in other threads) on Toronto and Edmonton announcing that they're in the running to be the host city for an NFL game in 2008. The Edmonton article alludes to competing with Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Have there been any official announcements that Montreal and Vancouver are trying to lure an NFL game in 2008?