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yeah i do know her why? she's my best friend but it's not my place or anything to talk about her situation i'm not like that. i'm talking football here nothing else.Maybe she did put out alittle to much information yesterday or whatever but that's her i'm not hear to talk about that. I just want to know about the game and the rules and so does she. I know that she might make a trip up there but when i don't know. anyways on with this subject so tell me about there game people and leave her outta of it..

By the time I made this post I realized
that idealgurl1 wanted to find out about
the rules of the Canadian game.

That is a complex topic.

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To make a general statement relating to what Crash said..

There is such a large pool of superior, highly trained football talent in the U.S.

In Canada football training is still far less sophisticated than in the U.S.
right from minor football programs to high school and university programs,

and the population of the U.S. is 10 x more than Canada's.

That is why the opportunity for Canadian football players
to play in the CFL has been protected as Crash said.


At one time, we had few Canadian music stars, then,
our government obligated radio stations

to give Canadian musicians a certain amount of airplay

After a while our musicians got recognized.

Some became stars here then some have even hit the big-time in the U.S.

Saw that coming a mile away...quite perceptive of you I might add.


oh well if you all don't like her then tell her not me i'm not a message person here. i just want to know about the game that's all.

While richie williams did not have a great game he had little opportunity. I think the reasoning is that he's almost a lock for the 3rd spot and the wanted to give josten another chance. In the end, williams has too much size and speed and accuracy.

Oh come on, what you are saying is that the Canadians that are kept on this years Ticat team are better than the Americans that they may have been in camp with? Not a chance.

Example... We could cut some very talented receivers from this camp, a guy like Talmon Gardner or Willie Quinnie... based on your logic Peterson, Ralph, Morreale and Flemming are better receivers than those 2? No.

The ratio IS taken into consideration when guys are cut, its the nature of this game. Perhaps a guy like Ben Cahoon could make any CFL team because hes a great player regardless of nationality, but there are players that are playing in the CFL because of 1 reason, they are Canadian. Its a harsh reality but its true.

idealgirl1, you should be careful of your choice of names on here because a lot of people might answer to it. :smiley:

hey thanks to whom ever gave me that site to read on? I'm printing most of it off so i can read it while i'm in bed or something.. thanks for that guys.

The CFL game is greatly different from whay tou see in the USA, IdealGirl.

For all intents and purposes, we use the same ball, but stripe it somewhat differently.

The field is a lot wider, and ten yards longer. The end zones are huge compared with the NFL.

We allow all sorts of "motion" in the backfield before the snap, and the defensive line is compelled to be one yard off the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped.

Of course, this advantage is allayed by the fact that we only have three downs instead of four, but must make the "same" ten yards, and so we are a lot more pass oriented than run...

Kick returners cannot call for a "fair catch" but must catch it on their own, but are "protected" by the oft violated "no yards" call (you cannot, unless you are the kicker or "on side" relative to the kicker at the "moment of the kick" encroach on the five yard safety zone of the returner, without penalty...

Americans are yards ahead of us in promoting sports at a minor league level (except in hockey) and I've no doubt you can read in your daily newspaper who scored the winning touchdown in little league football. Plus, of course, thee are ten times as many of you as Canadians, so we have "Union" to protect Canadian players in "our" game...

Sadly, this leaves us with very few Canadian QB's, because the Cdn University and Junior football leagues just don't give enough exposure and experience for our own guys to prosper.

The NFL, AFL etc also pay ten tons more than does the CFL, as you have much larger stadiums, much larger audiences for TV deals, and so many Cdns (as well as CFL players) want to go there for the big bucks contracts.

All of the above construe that the CFL gets to be a lot different from the NFL, although it doesn't mean that CFL players are in any way inferior to those in the NFL...Warren Moon, for instance, was a rookie, then a "star" in the CFL, before the NFL got around to understanding that skin colour was not a factor in ability as a QB...but I digress...

Ricky Williams will be here in the 2006 season, and there are some who are pleased that such an RB can be seen here playing the Cdn game, so as to "measure the Cdn League players" against a "famous" player. I doubtr he will be staying here, as his "want" is the huge money available in the NFL. The TiCats showed that they can defend against his "abilities", as the Argo's are growing weak in the basic game in Canada, and bringing in a miracle RB isn't going to be a quick fix, as every NFL aspiring LB and lineman is going to paint a big target on Ricky for the course of the season...

And of course, you will easily understand that you need a Defense and Special Teams "function" of the team as well as an Offense to succeed.

As far as the Canadian players versus Americans (note that non-USA players can play as Canadians!), this is a unique sort of thing to us. With a tenth of your population, finding offensive or defensive line guys who are "massive" and "experienced" is "tough", and LB positions little better. Harder stil to find those that can understand the one yard standoff, and react to the wider field, and stick around for the lower money!

TRhe TiCats nowhave an "embarrassment of riches" of young Canadians o the team, where other CFL clubs are trying to find Cdns to fill holes to retain USA stars

Anyways, good to have you among us, doubt that in the Ti Cat site you will find any RW supporters, and watch me get "stoned" for such an inadequate explanation of the differences of game and Leagues...I was just trying to crack the surface of "difference"

But I am glad that there are Americans who are looking northwards to see how well or poorly guys like Ricky are doing in a different League!..

Best Regards


Well said...Mickey Donovan is a class guy and will do well in whatever he decides to do! I wouldn't be surprised,if he doesn't get another shot somewhere, to see him involved in some way with promotion or sales or even as an agent. The guy has personality plus! :thup:

OH and "lifter"...I'm a RW supporter just for the record. I want him to do very well up here. i just don't want him to do well against the

Except potentially in Quebec. It will be very interesting to see some of the players coming out of la belle province in the near future.

And c'mon, at least say they're "meters" ahead of us, or something metric like that... :stuck_out_tongue:

I just to answer a few of you first and for most i got name from a favorite group of mine called Ideal and i just went by idealgurl1 that's all and to lifter thanks for what you had wrote it kinda explains alittle more to me.And yeah i'm watchin how well Ricky does but i don't care for real because i don't like him.
the person that i'm wondering about is T marshall because of the fact that when he went to play AFL he didn't really understand the rules of that game either so what and why and how is he going to understand this kinda game he's smart he'll figure it out.
But again i'll be listening firday night to the game and i hope that you all win..thanks for the explaination of the game people that's all i wanted to know noting more nothing less.. thanks


Our game isn't rocket science for a linebacker ,it's alot of reaction and experience with the new players sure helps and would be his weakness unless he does extra game film work,which is a good idea for success in any game.... .