Latest Round of Cuts Announced

They made cuts today

  1. Mickey Donovan

  2. Les Mullings

  3. Sasha Glavic

  4. Antwoine Sanders

  5. Antonio Thomas

  6. Eric Nielsen

  7. Chris Sutherland

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to bad to see these guys go especailly Les Mullings because hes a hamilton boy but we knew it was comming we are stacked at running back

I'm very sad to see Mikey Donovan go. I really hoped he could make it this year but he's been plagued by injuries so I did see it coming. The others aren't too much of a surprise. I've said it before and I'll say it again I hate cuts. (I know they're necessary but I don't have to like it.)

Cuts don't have to be made but sadly they have to happen. So if my math is correct they have 65 on the Roster and have to cut 23 more by the deadline

ouch!....good luck to them all! doubt they worked hard to make this team....I'll bet the majority get a chance on another CFL team.......well I'm hoping anyhow...


Why was Sanders even asked back? Tryout as a favour?

Cuts must be particularly hard on Coach Marshall.....any of those who have chatted with him at length know he's a very caring guy......he's a real good must really s.uck to cut someone you know is working really hard and wants to be on the team and in the community.....

I couldn't be a head way.....I'd be begging the GM to find a place for them all.... :cry:

( I realize it comes with the job though....)

I think alot of players know its coming, especially CIS ,they know what pos. CDNs get and dont get.
Alot of imports too have knocked around training camps long enough to size up talent themselves.
No doubt there are guys genuinely shocked getting cut.

I just hope Marshall keeps Davis and starts him over Ranek. I like Ranek and all but he shouldn't be named the starter just because he's a vet.

ireally thought sanders would win a roster spot because of his flexibility to spot ats halfback lb or safety so im suprised
but assume brooks is a lock now

Sanders was not a good fit...anywhere in this D, unfortunately.

I know it's a tough time for Coach Marshall but it needs to be done, I wish all these guys success either on the field and off, I'm gonna miss Micky Donavan, he's is such a great guy and I'm sure it was the injuries that prevented him from making the squad all the best man cheers


Cuts have to be done Even if it's a Dirty Job.

In my opinion, guys who may be "on the bubble" during the next round of cuts after our second pre-season game:

At DB:
-Kornegay (very tough transitioning from corner to HB)
-Bearman (might have an edge because he's Canadian and a special teams demon)
-Babers (great NFL experience)
-Bradley and Atogwe (it's 2006 or you belong)
-Beveridge (Gordon's knocking on the door at safety)

At DL:
-Josue (these first 3 guys haven't shown much in an actual game)
-Mayne (out of these last two guys, who will be the second and last Canadian backup on the D-Line?)

At LB:
-no one (I think the Cats will keep all of the remaining candidates; awesome bunch of athletes)

At QB:
-Williams (flip a coin between these two)

At RB:
-Lezi (the Cats must keep the very talented Davis on the active roster, and Marshall's guy Aidoo will most likely backup Radelein)

At R:
-Fleming (I can't see Marshall cutting Morreale)
-Fowlkes (we don't need him with Holmes returning kicks)
-Quinnie (talented, but Gardener has more experience)

At OL:
-Kosienski (great size but fast enough?)
-Cook (a giant with awesome NFL experience, but again, does he have good enough footwork?)
-Donnelly (will Cheron squeeze one of these last two Canucks out of a job?)

At P/K:
-Nobody (Ticats keep Fleming and Boreham)

I didn't list Torrence Marshall (LB) or Mario Fatafehi (DL) as being "on the bubble" because these two are proven NFL warriors who the Cats brought in for a reason: to rotate in as impact players. And they wil be.

so does anyone think that T Marshall will get cut or not? Just asking that's all i know him but nothing big we was just friends knew him through someone else just wondering. He's a good player. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Vampiro says that the Ti-Cats should keep whoever is the best palyer although I am partial to Tim Tindale ! ! ! :smiley:

if i may ask who's that Tim Timdale. you have to excuse me but i have no idea about Ca. football. Is it like the NFL or Arena football or what? Anyways i hope that T doesn't get cut in favor to one person i don't want to see her upset that's all. anyways if someone can explain the game to me more maybe i'll understand it.. :roll:

Cuts in the states are made more along the lines of a "set depth chart" where the top 2 or whatever get kept.

In Canada theres different rules where a certain # of Canadian and American players must be kept, a certain amount have to start and a few go on to a reserve roster.

Sometimes the best players are not kept because a Canadian player that can start is more valuable to any CFL team.

Example - a Canadian can do the job say 85-90% aswell as the American player that is deemed "better"... depending on what OTHER Canadians are on the roster, sometimes that Canadian player will get kept over the American player because the Canadian is much more valuable.

Hope that helps...

Re crash-Sometimes the best players are not kept because a Canadian player that can start is more valuable to any CFL team. Id disagree. the Coaching staff will make its decisions on whats best for the team, no coach will dump a player who is better., Canadian players are what bring the level of play up not down. There are some players who the team think have potential and they get the playing time they need to refine their game. this has nothing to do with talent level of Nonimports.

like ok i see there but what about the game it's self talking like the rules of how to play the game and so on. are there longer fields or longer quarters or what? My friend that i'm talking about who knows Torrance her dad was and has been a football all her life up until a few years ago high school coach and college coach and at one time had coached Torrance but she knows alot about football american football that is but we both don't have a clue about Ca. football we never even knew that there was such a thing up there until we heard and read about Ricky Williams she knews him too to a certain exstent that is she doen't like him she thinks he's a asshole a motuhy one at that. anyways if someone can explain the rules of the game and so on..