"Latest Post" time not showing

My usual way to open the forum (without logging into my Account) is through the following addy saved on my Bookmark Bar > “CFL Forums - Official forums of the Canadian Football League”. I prefer to only log in if I need to communicate something, such as this message.

Until recently on that link I posted above, the “Latests” posts on it showed how long ago each of them were posted, in chronological order. This worked well for me since all I needed to do was recall the time of my last visit and pickup from there and read the postings from the recent threads that had changes since my last visit. Efficient for me.

NOW, it’s not like that. Now, I find I have to log in to my peresonal account in order to get the time of the “latest” posts in all the categories to show. What a nuisance now. If it wasn’t broke, why was it changed?

Also, when logged in to an account, that page now not only shows the “recent post time” but also total number of views and replies right above the “recent time”. For what do they benefit? IMO, they are just cluttering up.

Bring back the past pls. lol

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try it now. you may need to refresh your browser by clicking forums.cfl.ca

there are some new granular settings around the topic stats views. i’ve added number of views to the category home page. there is a new setting for disabling stats for anon users that i enabled so your view should have all the topic stats now even if you are not logged in. i just tested it myself. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! For 2 days I’ve had this problem. And swear it wasn’t a dream. You show up into my life and 2 minutes later all is well. Thanks doctor!


ages ago the topic author appeared in the first column of category and topic list pages, but that part broke at one point before i became admin and it went to the default middle column. i can now set it back to the first column but not sure if i should because no one complained about it being moved :woman_shrugging: