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Great news. See what I mean, the stadiums are a great investment. Although they needed federal help good on Moncton on getting it right. I'm pretty sure with the stadium, Moncton comes in with Ottawa. David Braley (Owner of the Lions)gives his support to Moncton and has also said he doubts Ottawa will be ready for 2010.

Excellent news! Hearing elected officials talking like that, and not hearing any whining nay-sayers, almost makes me want to move to Moncton.

I just re-read that last article. Man I sure hope that they don't keep snubbing Halifax or talking about how they are competing with them. If they were going to get a franchise, they will need atleast a little support from Halifax.

Awwwwwwwww man, I'm somewhat disappointed...

Sod turned for new Metro stadium
$20M facility will host World Junior Track Championships in 2010

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By Brent Mazerolle
Times & Transcript Staff
Published Wednesday April 23rd, 2008
Appeared on page A1

[i]Politicians from three levels of government joined educators, community leaders, athletes and ordinary New Brunswickers yesterday at the Université de Moncton for the beginning of a new era for sport in the region.

As first reported in the Times & Transcript yesterday, New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham and Fundy-Royal MP Rob Moore accompanied Moncton Mayor Lorne Mitton and UdeM president Yvon Fontaine yesterday to turn the first sod on a new $20 million-plus world class track and field facility in Moncton. That figure includes the value of the land it is built on and other aspects of equipping the facility. The estimated cost of stadium construction itself is about $14.5 million.

The facility, designed by Moncton's Edmond Koch, will be at the centre of the World Junior championships in Athletics (Track and Field) being held in Moncton in 2010.

The championships will be the largest sporting event ever held in Atlantic Canada, with an estimated 2,000 athletes participating from 170 countries.

The new stadium will contain open bleachers, box seating, concession stands, storage, washrooms, hospitality rooms, announcer rooms and offices.

Moore announced additional Government of Canada funding of $1.5 million on top of the $6 million already committed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a visit to Moncton in March of 2006.

Premier Graham also announced additional funding of $1.5 million towards the project on top of the $5 million already invested by the Province of New Brunswick.

Beyond the opportunities generated through the 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics, Moore said, "the new facility will be instrumental in attracting many other significant sporting, cultural and entertainment events to the Moncton area."

"We are very happy to be a partner in organizing these championships, and are pleased to offer our resources and expertise in order to make this event a success," said Yvon Fontaine, President of Université de Moncton. "The addition of this infrastructure on our campus will strongly support our excellent programs in sport for future generations of student athletes, and foster closer ties between the university and the surrounding community."

A mix of fixed and temporary bleachers will allow for a number of seating combinations that will give the facility a capacity of up to 20,000 spectators for sporting events and up to as much as 28,000 for concerts or other events in which the infield can be used for spectators.

Beyond the 2010 event, the stadium will provide a venue for soccer, football, other competitive athletic events and cultural and entertainment activities. It will also provide added infrastructure available for the university to use. The City of Moncton and the Université de Moncton will jointly manage the construction, ongoing maintenance and use of the stadium.[/i]

While the opposite grandstand looks nice, if a little small, this stadium reminds me an awful lot of TD Waterhouse here in London. Rather than building up the one grandstand, it seems that all the new money went into the cheap-looking aluminum bleachers on the near side.

Well... I guess you can't have everything for $27M. Still, all the CFL talk coming out of Moncton is encouraging. Here's hoping!

So I guess it's only a 20,000 seat stadium. However, 10,000 of those are actual seats not bleachers and there is lots of room to add additional seating. Like say, 5,000 more seats for example. It looks like they completely have the CFL in mind. I forget which poster said it last year, I think it was beerbarons, but they totally got the financing for the track thing, but the whole time they had stadium expansion in mind and still do. They didn't drop a huge 40,000 seat stadium on the public and try to convince them to get behind it, yet little by little they have kept increasing the size. I wouldn't doubt it, if it is increased a little more (maybe some additional temporary seating or some artificial turf for the middle of it) by the time they are finished.

This still smells really good for expansion....I don't really know what that means either, it just sounded like the thing to say.

lets get this on the go there moncton.. i wanna be able to be a season ticket holder before i graduate from university and move out west with the millions of other maritimers :lol:

What Moncton could do, after the 2010 World Junior Track Championships, is lower the playing field, remove the track, and be able to add about 2500 seats along the sidelines. If someone built a matching permanent deck on the opposite sideline, and then did this, the end result would be a stadium with a capacity of about 22 500, with plenty of room for bleachers in the end zones to get the capacity up to the 25-30000 range.
Here’s hoping this all gets the people in Halifax who want a CFL team to organize and put together a serious bid to get a team.

I just hope we can get 10 teams that can be financially succesful. Moncton could play 8 games a year in their own city and play 1 game a year at St. Mary's.

I have a really good idea, they could build an 8,000 seat stadium, fill it every game and then brag about the number of sell-outs they have.

I like this idea. If I'm Cohon, I'm all over Moncton, trying to make sure there are expansion plan/retrofitting for the stadium.

Beggers can't be choosers, but I really dislike a running track being part of the stadium.
There is nothing like being on top of the play, just like in Hamilton, Regina and Winnipeg. Now if these cities can only get new stadiums, like the Peg.

Found some more pictures:

Nice. Perhaps if Moncton gets a team, the owner will be willing to invest some money to make it larger then th 20k a la Saputo. But definitely a nice looking park.

Sorry guys the reporter got this story wrong. 28,000 people includes people on the field to watch concerts! hard to play a football game when the field is convered with fans....

see the orginal story in this thread, 8500 seats with room for 10,000 temporary seats!

You're right, 28,000 for concerts etc., but with temporary seating it could hold 20,000, I assume with room for more if need be. The city is definitely building this with something bigger in mind...the CFL has got to be on their radar. The permanent seated portion is now up to 10,000. They have made a few changes, bumping up both the quality and the seating capacity. They may even have an owner in place for all we know. If not then maybe we should start an internet community supported club. I signed up for last year and we now collectively own Ebbsfleet United. This is of course would be way bigger, but it could happen with CFL fans across the globe.

I was looking at the old pictures of the Moncton stadium when the permanent seating was 5,000 and comparing it to the latest with the permanent seating being 10,000. It looks to me like the big grandstand on the one side is the 5,000 seats and an aluminum bleacher seating thing (simliar to TD Waterhouse Stadium in London) is the other 5,000 permanent seats. I guess this means that the remaining 10,000 temporary seats would be the little bleachers scattered all around the stadium.

As Dmont had stated before it is harder to expand with that type of seating scenario. I think I was hoping it was a little bigger and better than it is actually going to be.

Here's the view I was looking at...

[url=] ... /image.jpg[/url]

It could make a really nice college football stadium, but according to the rendering, it is nowhere near anything that should ever house a CFL team.

That stadium closely resembles the bandbox we have here in London, TD Waterouse Stadium. Which is basically a field with a small set of stands on each side. No way is it big enough for a CFL team to play.
If MOncton wants a team, they have to spend a little bit of money for a decent sized stadium.
If they go on the cheap, like they did here in London, then its obvious they have no intention of going after a CFL franchise.

The problem though berezin is that Moncton, like London or any city, needs to have someone who has a vision and clout with the city for the bigger picture down the road of what "could be". London didn't have someone with this vision unfortunately, who could sell the city on what "might be" be a CFL team and Grey Cup. And quite honestly, do you blame them? I mean, the CFL in the 90's was close to extinction and Hamilton, for example, lost loads of money on the Grey Cup in '96 when they hosted it. Yes, things have turned around a lot since then fortunately. And London's focus was getting the new hockey arena downtown, hard to spring for more money for a CFL type stadium. And the university doesn't need that type of stadium.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, whatever way you want to look at it, the CFL has become a sort of victim of it's success in the 50's, 60's, 70's and rested on it's laurels then without a vision to the future. Things are better and I think with a stated 25,000 seat requirement for a CFL stadium, there seems to be some vision and not blacking out games as much by owners. The good thing for the CFL is that baseball has taken a huge knock with the Expos gone and the Triple A, Double A teams not working out here. And baseball is the prime competitor for sports fans money in Canada in the summer and early fall. So things are looking good but we have to get Ottawa back first, that will be huge and then one more team out east.