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tender has been issued

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8,500 permanent seats - that's smaller than many university ballyards.

thats just for one tier though. add another 3 of those and your good to go.

We've had this conversation in another stadium thread. Going up is hard on the economics....

Bruce Tait, the City of Moncton's director of municipal facilities, said the Phase 1 tender includes the field and all the underground work, plus a portion of the concrete that will support the grandstand bleachers. Phase 2 will be the bulk of the concrete work and construction of the grandstand.

I'm thrilled! It looks like they're going with concrete and sticking to one grandstand, two things that the planners FAILED to do here in London.

It sounds like they're going with bleachers instead of seats, which is unfortunate. Maybe they'll be smart and make sure the grandstand could accomodate seats given some kind of future expansion.

Can't wait to see some new artists' renderings. This is good news for the CFL in the maritimes!

Near as I can tell, this is how the funding breaks down so far:

Feds: $7.5M
Province: $6.5M
City: $3.5M
Universite de Moncton: $3.5M

Total: $21M

Figures from this article: ... cle/187582

$21M can get you a damn nice grandstand. This money also includes a lot of infrastructure, like roads and parking etc. That makes it all the easier to expand.

Time for Cohon to start courting the McCains and Irvings!

That's 21 million for an 8500 seat stadium, probably triple that to get a CFL calibre stadium.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Still, that's $21M that a prospective owner won't have to provide, not to mention it won't have to be wrestled away from taxpayers.

I bet getting up to 25k seats would probably cost at least another $60M. The lion's share of that would have to be provided privately, taxpayers would flip otherwise. There's probably still some room for feds/province/city/university to help out on it. They're already blowing $21M, I doubt they want to pay to maintain a facility of that size with no professional tenant... not even a CIS tenant, as of now U de M has no football team.

Does Moncton have any rich, well known and sports minded entrepreneurs like Mr. Asper in Winnipeg?
Who would put up let's say a third of his money, and have the town, province and the feds kick in the rest to build the 30,000 seat stadium(complex with shopping and convention centre for year round use) and get the CFL for the region.
That is what is needed my friends.

Yah, if they're spending that they might as well get it up to 20,000, with possibility for expansion in the future (endzones). It worked great for MTL.

They need to find a private investor though to put up some of the cash.

the irving brothers or the mccabe brothers should invest in a team..irvings raped NB for years its the least they can do

I would love to see Atlantic Canada get a CFL team but Moncton is too small it could not provide the 20-30k fans a CFL team needs to survive. Halifax and St mary's should get off their Duffs and build one. In my opinion its a disgrace that one of Canada's best cities and a beautiful one at that does not have a team.

What makes you think that? I'm not convinced you couldn't get 30k out 9 times a year. Not to mention there's something like 1.2 million people living 2 hours away or less. Halifax has itself to blame. With the CWG came a new stadium. The city backed out, which also hurt other cities chances of improving infrastructure.

Seating capacity has been increased again. We're startin to talk CFL numbers here, people!

More cash, more seats for Moncton stadium
Facility will now feature 10,000 permanent seats, offer full capacity of 28,000

By Mary Moszynski
Times & Transcript Staff
Published Tuesday April 22nd, 2008
Appeared on page A1

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[i]Provincial and federal officials will be in Moncton today to commit additional funding towards the new stadium for the city as it prepares to host the 2010 World Junior Track and Field Championships.

Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore and Premier Shawn Graham will make the announcement at Université de Moncton this morning. They will be joined by Moncton Mayor Lorne Mitton and UdeM President Yvon Fontaine.

Details of the funding are unknown, but a government source confirmed the money will create additional seating at the stadium.

"With the new redesign, capacity's going to be going up to 10,000 permanent seats," said the source. "It's going to allow for temporary seating as well. The full capacity will be 28,000 people."

The officials will also participate in a sod-turning on the site for the stadium.

The stadium on the Université de Moncton campus is scheduled to be completed by spring 2009. The first tender for the stadium was issued earlier this month.

The former Conservative provincial government committed $5 million towards the project, of which $3.5 million is for capital costs, while the federal government promised $6 million.

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) games will be by far the largest event Metro Moncton has ever hosted, drawing more than 1,700 athletes from around the world. It will also be the largest athletic event ever to be held in Atlantic Canada and will spill beyond the boundaries of the City of Moncton.

Moncton had initially bid to host the 2008 games. In March, 2006, the IAAF awarded that bid to Bydgoszcz, Poland. However the delegates were so impressed with Moncton's bid the city was awarded the 2010 games.[/i]

Very interesting, no way in the world would the number 28,000 even be put out there if there wasn't something potentially involved with a CFL team down the road.

We are getting there, but still 28,000 now adays is not enough. Too bad the politicians in Halifax were not similar pro sports oriented?
The league should mandate how an expansion team must have a minimum 30,000 seats plus boxes and that is on the light side.

i disagree. the stadium should cater to the population size. As long as it is a good sized stadium, say 25, 000, has a few boxes, looks good, draws good numbers and can create a healthy profit then that is all i ask. Montreal should get up to 25, 000 as well.

That's 10,000 permanent along with 18,000 temporary seats. With temporary seating, there's only so much you can do. Grandstands can only be so high, right? However, the same area taken up by 18k temporary seats could likely be filled by many more permanent seats, if an owner ever stepped forward and decided to make a permanent expansion. That could get the numbers up to the desired level.

However, I'm inclined to agree with chris101 on this issue. There's no need for a mammoth stadium that sits half-empty and makes the team look bad on TV. 25k full seats with no empty seats is better for the team than 27k full seats and 8k empty ones. Start with a conservative 25k and if demand and population growth necessitates it, add more seats later.

Most baseball stadiums today are being built under 50,000, not the case years and years ago where 50,000+ was more the norm. And why the Leafs built an arena with “just” over 18,000 for hockey when they could have easily built one in the 23,000 size.

Well here it is...Moncton is open for business in terms of the CFL. Now all we need is an owner.

I wonder how equiped the facility will be for all 28,000 people at once in terms of washrooms, concessions etc.

This is really exciting though, maybe we can actually expand by two when Ottawa comes back.