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....I just watched a recent film clip of Buck Pierce getting ready for 2011...He's been working out with a few Bomber players ..(it'll be great for these guys when they get the new facility, locker room and training areas)..Buck looked great...He's performing all kinds of durability and conditioning exercises.. (i think one big test is just enduring the Wpg. winter :lol: )His arm is a 100 percent (to prove it he did a film clip of his arm strength before and present date...threw some long balls as good as ever)...I hope this pays off for Pierce...We need him to be a healthy and durable starting qb. in 2011...No doubt in my mind he has all the tools to be the no 1 guy...he just has to leave that injury riddled past behind him....Good on you Buck for putting in the extreme effort to be successful this coming season....GoBig BlUE :thup: :rockin:

Here's a link to the article and clip:

Thats great news.
If , and granted its a huge if, Pierce can stay healthy he’s a strong MOP candidate.

Huge motivation to his squad to stay put in Winny to get healed.

He’s a very, very good QB. There’s NO question in my mind that hes the starter.

Glad to see Buck working hard to make it back.
Gladder to know Giles will be there when/if Buck goes down.

Last season showed that every good football team needs 2 capable QB's to get through the season and the playoffs.