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25K is a good start, where are they going to get all the money?

the 70-100M is to replace/upgrade ALL facilities. indoor/outdoor. NOT just PEPS stadium.

It would be great to build a new stadium, but it takes 90M? to build a 25-28K seat stadium from scratch(BMO is a 20.5K+ that was built for 62M)

I'm all for building a new 28-33K stadium for QBC but where is the money going to come from?
If PEPS can be upgraded and there can be some sort of plan similar to what the Als have for Molsons to upgrade it on the run why not?

Molson is going to be 25K+ seats for the 2008 season by the sounds of it and 30K is all that is needed for a CFL team(except for grey cups)

Start by upgraded the stadium, if the team gets consistent support(atleast 5 years) and demand then talks about a stadium similar to what Asper is talking about in Winnipeg can happen(hopefully fast)

Now will the 10th team be in Ottawa or will another city step up and beat Ottawa to the punch?

HAHA, not getting ahead of ourselves are we?

I worry that the journalist took some liberties about PEPS stadium increasing the seating capacity to 25,000. There was a proposal released in March that talked about $75 million in renovations to the Laval facilities including the stadium...but it didn't include increasing the seating capacity. In fact, the plan had a building going up right beside which would make it hard to add another level for stands. Here's the's in French (obviously, I guess)

[url=] ... 26c4f5d00b[/url]

I just have seen enough ridiculous reporting on everything CFL to know that he might have made some assumptions. I have no idea though, and I hope the increased seating capacity is real.

WOW People fighting to get into the cfl instead of out.

bighands, looks as though they either found extra funding or changed the plans to include PEPS stadium.

Since it does say 70-100M(in the newer english news release)
and specificly 75M(in the older french release)

it could be there is up to an extra 25M specificly for PEPS stadium.

15-20M is hopefully enough to get that added seating.

Could someone clarify the situation with PEPS? I gather the 18,000 figure I have seen is the number of people that have attended a game, not the number of seats.

Is it true that a significant portion of these are standing??????

What some 8,000 are bench seating and the balance is standing room.
So for example, the benches would have to be upgraded to include actual seat with back type seating.
You wonder whether you would be better to knock it down and start over, what with no infastructure to speak of such as concessions, washroom, boxes etc.

There are atleast 10.2K seats(going by the french release)

knocking it down and starting over requires atleast 70-80M just for the stadium, I don't think they have that sort of cash(for just the stadium)

Hey, my francais is lousy, someone wanna gimme the jist of what these guys are saying?:

[url=] ... ic&t=20536[/url]

Even with my lousy french, it sounds like Larry Smith's gonna speak at a conference or something about getting a team in Quebec City.

Help a poor anglophone out! lol

He basicly says
it been a long time that he has been reading the forum and hopes to see a project to bring a team to QC
he is a long time fan and lives in Quebec city

He has salways felt that one day the buisness people will step up and bring a team. the rouge et d"or arepopular along with teams from other levels of education.(high school CEGEP)

There is/was a presentation on the radio about the value of a new team and stadium and what they can bring

Finally there is somebody who wants to make that move to quebec. The person is Mr Marc Bellemare who will present various speakers to talk about it

He hopes that the people will show an interest in this and he will be the first in line to buy tickets for the new CFL team in QC

Merci! :slight_smile:

Who's this Marc Bellemare guy? Does he have money?

Sounds like the presentations start on Sept 19th.


I never heard of him

lol this isn't very flattering:


[i]Marc Bellemare
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marc Bellemare (born 3 May 1956) is a Quebecois lawyer, politician and past minister of the Government of Quebec, Canada.

He was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec as a Liberal Party candidate in the district of Vanier in the Quebec election of 2003. He was appointed Minister of Justice by newly-elected Premier Jean Charest on April 29, 2003. He advocated abolishing no fault car insurance and pushed for harsher sentences for organized crime. He resigned from his cabinet post on April 27, 2004. After months of rumors, Bellemare announced that he would be candidate for Mayor of Quebec City on March 11, 2004. He ended up finishing a distant third. See Quebec municipal elections, 2005.[/i]

Why is it not flattering?

RO1313 I am getting sick of your expansion threads!!!
Quebec now, geesh!

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wow that was fast.
You must live on this site,lol

Honestly, I am gung ho about Quebec joining the CFL.
I admit I have had my doubts about Quebec and still do, but if they can pull it off, I will be a very happy CFL fan.

The first two of these conferences look awesome, I wish I could attend... and speak french...

Useless question but conversation nonetheless. How would the East and West be divided up if there were an Ottawa and a QC team?