Just heard Bob on local Fan 590 in Toronto. He is having Matt Sekeres from the Ottawa Citizen on Sportsnet and looks to be the last guest. So anywhere between 630-700 pm est. Any guesses what he came up with today?

......I don't know......I'll phone my old friend Kreskin to find out......

Maybe loonie Lonnie is coming back?

bob starts off segment by giving a re-cap of the ottawa situation / citizen article.

-says it couldnt be a bigger mess, unless team folds, which COULD happen.
guy from citizen says a decision on folding will be made in a week.

  • ask if tom wright is to blame for goin on vacation...guys say 'how could he have known , since the gliebs were lookin to fix stuff, then tom goes on vacation and now they might want out'..

-they both doubt glieb will fund the losses.

-ask if smith would take more role in paying bills if glieb left...guy says doubt itm cuz its 6 million in losses this year...dont think he wants to put ANY more money into this.

-bernie owns 51%, and if smith doesnt pay his share of losses then glieb takes over 100% of team, and thats what they think will happen, cuz smith doesnt want to put more money into it

-bob asks why fans arent comming, because he doesnt feel ottawa has embrased the Gades....guy says ownership/management has been crappy for the 4 years and reflects on the field.

-kelly says commish shoudla known about bad ottawa situation and shoulda tryed to help...citizen says commish can't 'dictate' how to run your team, just offer advise.

-gliebs verbally promised wright that he would fund the team in '06 season nomatter what, but has since questioned / changed mind cuz realizes its more losses than expected.

-asks why smith is so rich and must have good business sense, but cant run a good team? says he should 'take bull by the horns'...citizen guy says smith was pushin to get rid of lonie for a long time, but since only owns 49%, his opinion was over ruled...says smith might stick around as 49% owner and split losses if glieb sells his 51% to a better owner.

-bob asks about the sens buying the team...citizen guy says its weird that the sens do so good and Gades do so bad...bob mentions sens did bad for many years too...says CFL should sell to ANYONE rather than folding...bob says PUSH for sens owner to buy the Gades...ends show.

Yes it was a good interview, but Bob didn't ask nor did Matt Sekeres offer up any explanation/status of what was going on if anything on the Bob Nicholson and Eric Tillman front.
Like Bob said, maybe only Eugene Melnyk can afford to buy and run it with the Sens.


Certainly the infastructure is there with the office and sales staff, so it wouldn't cost much to hire that much more additional staff. It makes all kind of sense on top of which it would give the team instant credibility with the fans. Then on the football side, you hire Nicholson as pres and Tillman as GM. Forest Gump is done and maybe you even toast Jenkins as everyone from the previous team connection must go.

gregg wouldnt stick around if glieb left anyways...but tillman and jenkins have a long-standing friendship from thier argo he might stay.

OWNER- Eugene Melnyk
CEO- Nicholson
GM- Tillman
Coach - Jenkins
D-coach - Rust.

not too bad, IMO.

u can watch TSN's sportscenter features on the story here...they have 2 videos up of the story.