Latest Kelly Quotable...

This guy must be truly bananas…

When asked during his post game interview whether or not he would be back in the 'Peg next year he eventually digressed and lead the media into an insightful self-assessment of his sparkling persona.

“If I am going to euthanize a dog in one week am I going to take it to obedience school?”

Can any budding psychiatrist put some analysis into this?

This guy never ceases to amaze… I hope this “character” gets his pink slip very soon. No team should need to be subjected to this type of headcase.

WTF is that supposed to mean.

This clown is no Yogi Berra. Crap he's not even Yogi Bear.

His way of saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks...

He should take his advice with Bishop Bwwwahhhhhh! :lol:

Notice the TSN's crew and comments to the guy. I can't remember someone as disliked as he is in the CFL. I dont think even Matthews had as many enemies as this guy and certainly not in seven months...

I like him.

When he’s not not funny, he’s quite refreshing.

Lets hope he stays in Winnipeg, they will look pretty much like they did this yr. under his direction. Confused!
Doc 8)

as refreshing as an enema!

The CFL needs a few colourful characters, whether players or coaches.

However they must also be competent at their positions.

I am glad we have had competent vanilla, like McManus, Bellefeuille, etc.