Latest Fan590 Hit at CFL

I think that I'm finally going to make the break permanent. At least with the morning show (Blundell et al) completely even though they do the best Jays coverage.

This morning they had a "poll" in which only 16% (about 80 people participated) said that they wanted out-of-town CFL scores. The hosts then went on to joke about the CFL, say that they weren't "crapping on it" and proceeded to say that they didn't even know the team names or cities but were somehow sure that Alberta had 2 teams... they thought.

They then gave the LPGA scores and the results of a tennis tournament and went to an NFL segment.

I wrote to them in a reasoned manner - not that it will do any good - commenting upon some of the foolishness: the use of a junk poll and the lack of a corresponding poll asking about interest in LPGA scores, etc., but think that I've given up on the station.

I wish that 1050 came in better where I am. 1150's morning show doesn't work for me at all. Every time I have turned it on it only seems to be NFL and US takes on some other sports. Later in the day the coverage evens out, I guess, but it's not a morning option.

The Toronto sports media are just that, Toronto sports media. Most are wannabe Americans, I think, and always want to compare Toronto to the States. That's why we get the harping on the Jays and the Raptors, despite an apparent lack of interest in the rest of the country, except maybe come play-offs. TSN in not a whole lot better.

When you live out in the boonies, it is almost impossible to get any decent CFL reporting, except via the internet. And forget anything other than professional sports, again usually centred on Toronto. Like who actually watches all that UFC crap or poker players for goodness sake?

You have to remember 2 very important things about 590:

  1. It's owned by Rogers, a company that has a complete dislike for the CFL; and

  2. Dean Blundell is the biggest moron on the radio. He's in his 40s acting like a teenager. Why take him seriously?

8) The Fan 590 is one of the main reasons why I hate the Jays and the Raptors !! :twisted:
  The leafs are a whole different story, since I have hated them all my life    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> 

  I agree, Blundell is a complete A-Hole !!   The day he is fired (and it's coming soon according to his ratings) will be a 
  day to celebrate !!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

That's true but everyone knows that the 590 is a Rogers station and they are not covering the CFL because not many people in Toronto actually follow the CFL. Toronto sprots fans are not showing up at Argo games, they aren't watching on TV or listening on the radio. Why listen and then call in and complain about a lack of CFL coverage?
The best protest going is to boycott that station, just don't listen switch it to TSN radio.

I have never listened to Blundell, et al, but can only surmise I have not missed much. Not much going on between the ears is the impression I get from this thread.

Most people in Hog Town do not follow the blew team or the CFL. It is a fact of life. I present the following as an illustration. The Princess Margaret Hospital lottery has a downtown (Hog Town) condo as one of its prizes this fall. It also includes ST's for the Make Me Laughs, Tiny Dinos and the team using the name Football Club in error as they play soccer. You would think that blew team ST's would also be included, but apparently nobody thought of this.

End of rant. As you were.