Latest artcile in the Ottawa Citizen

After reading the Citizen this morning things just don't look very good.

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Good article. Friggin retard politicians.

Honestly, even though it doesn't say what I want to hear, I thought it was a good read too. It needs to find its way onto the desk of some decision-makers.

It won't.

"A survey of 500 residents found only 4% say they would buy season tickets if the CFL returned to Ottawa. More than half say they would never go to a CFL game."

Those kinds of numbers simply aren't big enough to give a politician an incentive to try and get something done.

true as far as giving the politicians incentive.....however on the football operations side even low-balling the population of Ottawa to 500,000 equates to 20,000 season tickets. For whatever that
survey is worth...

Not bad! 1,000,000 people around here, so at that rate, we should get about 40,000 or so! Time to expand FCS! :thup:

Seriously, sad to say, but it doesn't surprise me a whole lot. Those who continued to support the team feel let down and those who stopped during the Glieberman era can point to us and say they were right. This is basically why I felt that the suspension was a bad idea. It angered the most supportive.

"for whatever that survey is worth" is right. 500 people isn't a terribly large sample.

Of course, you also have to distinguish between the number of people who say they would buy seasons tickets, and the number who actually will. Like a few years ago when McGuinty broke his promise and raised taxes. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation asked if people would support a lawsuit, and got tons of responses saying they would.

Then they sent out letters to those people asking for said support. Sufficied to say, the amount who were actually willing to do it was considerably lower.

My point in posting it was to simply say that a Politician seeing those types of numbers isn't likely to get involved in favor of the CFL.

yes I saw your point and agreed with it...I'm just trying to spin a positive wherever I can regarding football in Ottawa...that's all we as Ottawa fans have left!

Yeah, when I first responded I hadn't taken the 4% into consideration yet.

Good example about the way people respond to surveys. I was thinking of the last federal election when the Greens were predicted (based on polls) to take about 10% of the vote, yet they only increased by about half a percent.

It would also depend on what's being presented to them. Some of the people who said no might very well change their minds if Melnyck/Hunt was presented to them (and the number would likely be even lower if it was the Gliebermans all over again).

no Poll is valid if it doesn't even Poll 1% of the population.
for Ottawa that is what? 10-15K people.

500 people is horribly small pool of people and there is no way to know how valid it is.

There needs to be 10-15K people with the numbers coming from different parts of the city.

A real good question is when the poll is done, if your polling people at home at 2-3 PM your not likely to get alot of business men the ones who buy Boxes/Season tickets.

You'll get the Opera and Dr.Phil crowds

I have to admit that I apprecaite the level-headed approach taken here. I gritted my teeth when I saw this article this morning.

I also find the use of the 371 number odd, late in the article. What happened to 500? Is the difference due to some people not responding?


It is also nice to see how the politicians are very anti-CFL and don't want to help the CFL in Ottawa.

Maybe Ottawa football fans should try to do something about that to encourage the City to help get a team instead of scare a potential team away like they do.

It is a big thing why a new stadium is needed, away from lansdowne with the team able to have control of the team.

The article almost says: "go to Ottawa, Waterloo/London or Halifax because they have cities that will support the team"

if they polled the same people and asked them if they would purchase tickets for the Senators games the survey results would probably be the same.

I firmly believe that we have the fans to support a tem, we have the biggest number of amateur football players in Canada. We need an owner that wants to run a succesful program, a league that will back them up and a chance to show them all that football belongs in Ottawa....

How many Canadians said they'd never watch the NHL again, after the lockout?

It's easy for more than half to SAY they'd never go to a game again. But I bet you more than half would end up going to a game at some point.

Never minding the fact that the poll seems about as scientific as one of the billions of Should-Ottawa-get-their-team-back polls on this site ...

Any contact with the city has resulted in a response to the extent that they are open to hearing from the CFL. The CFL has not contacted them, and Cohon himself was quoted as saying so (or at least that he didn't contact them).

If the CFL was so sold on Palmer, they could hve extended his deadline. They didn't, which leads me to think they feel they can do better from Cohon's buddies.

The city received Palmer's proposal, but they aren't going to spend days reviewing and negotiating it unless they have some assurance that the league is serious about him. The league did not provide that assurance.

They also had nothing to do with D'angelo being cast away or the primary Golden Gate guy getting cancer.

Actually the city had to do with the Palmer Group leaving, they looked at what the City was offering in terms of stadium usage(rental cost) + concession rights and got scared off.

Ottawa's Stadium fee's were top of the league in 2005, but unlike other CFL teams they didn't have the stadium flexibility/commitment.

the Bombers, Riders, Eskimos stadiums are all CFL first, other things after and those other things general have to pay the CFL team to use the field.

But in Ottawa it was pay the highest rent in the CFL and survive without the ability to do anything like rent out the field for a concert.

Could the city not do something? offer a good deal, a fair deal on the stadium?
Actually do their own part to get a CFL team, the Mayor in WINDSOR has gone out saying he wants a CFL team there.
Yes it seems Cohon hasn't gone to the city of Ottawa, but what is stopping the city of Ottawa from trying to get involved?
It's their high rent, taxes, controlling of the stadium that helped kill the Gades.

The article that Steven Brunt wrote specified this:

That was the killing blow right there, a significantly larger number than the league's blue-sky projection, one that Palmer and company felt they just couldn't make work, no matter what kind of stadium deal they might negotiate. So this week, they sent a letter to new CFL commissioner Mark Cohon, announcing they were walking away.

I'm not going to pretend to know what Palmer saw in particular that scared him off. However, he had a team of investors. There were about ten of them. Investors at some point expect to make money from their investment. It's long been said that whomever takes on the team will have to accept that he (or they) will lose money their first couple of season (especially if they now need to buy equipment and so on). My belief is that they were not willing to wait for that time period.

I agree that the high rent in the past was a factor, no one argues that. However Watters agreed to it very rapidly and Glieberman knew what he was getting into. Also, the city has a different mayor than we had when the Gliebermans were around and I'm not going to judge him on other people's past deeds.

I don't believe that any actual offer was made to Palmer by the city. They received his proposal, but weren't going to review it until they knew there was a legitimate reason to believe the Palmer group had a real shot at having a team.

To say Palmer walked away because he couldn't get a deal done is jumping to conclusions. I know Cohon said that in his opinion, that was happened. But if it happened it was because the league did not support Palmer. The city would need something better than Palmer walking in and saying "Hi, I plan on being the next owner of a CFL franchise here". That's nice, but before we spend days or weeks trying to make a decision on a hugely valuable asset, can you bring us some assurances of that? Palmer couldn't.