Lateset News On Potential Halifax Stadium

“The city has agreed to commit $20 million toward a stadium.”

What’s that going to get them? A feasibility study and a few drawings?

I appreciate the renewed vigour in seeking a stadium, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Halifax needs a consortium to plan and build a stadium/condo/shopping complex similar to what Ottawa is doing if it ever hopes to actually get anything built. If the governments are serious about wanting to help they should do everything possible short of direct investment to facilitate a private facility. If that means heavy tax concessions and the cutting of red tape, then so be it. If it does that and there still aren’t enough investors in the community and/or private business coming forward then it will have to live without one until such time that there is enough interest. Simply throwing another $20M at it probably isn’t going to do anything. There needs to be a standing guarantee from the various governments that whoever actually gets a CFL size stadium built will be rewarded with extremely favourable terms that will help them recoup and eventually profit from their investment.

If the governments get greedy Halifax will never have a stadium unless massive amounts of public money are used.

If the CFL can find a potential owner. Savage and Mckay can make this happen over time. But if they waste their time on a glorified high school stadium they should just let it go. 25 000 seat stadium with two sideline to sideline sections of 12500 and boxes on each side and we would be golden. Again the CFL would have to find an interested owner and Soccer is very big here maybe someone from England might like to own a soccer team or farm team for their European club. Then you would have a solid business case.

No question the soccer aspect is huge to sell people on a stadium for the.CFL, calibre wise, since it allows the stadium more dates which is required as gridiron is limited in that aspect. Another reason for me to at least think about soccer even though I don't get it yet, as an entertainment sport for me personally.

By not having a stadium in Halifax Nova Scotia is the only region that will not be represted in the 2015 FIFA Word Cup. Instead New Brunswick got the bid for the last site. The HMR and Nova Scotia have figured out that they stand to lose a lot of potential revenue in the future. Canada is hosting two major International events in 2015 the FIFA World Cup and the Pan AM games in GTA. All of the provinces who have built, had, or refurbished stadium to modern standards will all be involved bringing revenue into there city and province.
Also the MLS is Hott to get more franchises in Canada. Tornoto, Vancouver, and Montreal currently have franchises and Ottawa will start in the NASL but will move to the MLS very soon after the stadium is built. They currently have Junior Hockey and the New NBL but withan outdoor facility they are looking at not just the CFL but soccer, smaller pro sports like lacrosse. along with being a site to hold events should Canada get other international events.
It is not just about the CFL anymore.
Also the CFL has suddenly become of interest to many as it has caught on in popularity in Quebec now and the sponsor and TV money teams are turning profits and they are on the verge of having a major TV deal shortly.
They were pushed out of the TD Atlantic by Moncton because of no stadium and were left out of the FIFA replaced by Moncton again. I would not be surprised to see montcton be in the market for a NASL soccer team because of the stadium and no soccer at all in the Atlantic region. Moncton most likely will stick to the Tier II NASL but that still gets them into the CONCAF Canadian Soccer championships with Nasl EDMONTON and Ottawa along with the other 3 MLS teams.
They see that without that stadium they are being left behind.
Oh and it is rumored that Scotia Bank one of the CFLs biggest sponsors that is based in Nova Scotia is looking to pay for the naming rights of a new Stadium and they want it to be in Halifax but if they do not get there act together it may be possible that they pay for the rights to the the stadium in Hamilton. Thats just speculation of course about Hamilton but they are looking for the naming rights to a stadium

A set of goal posts
One completed end zone with artificial turf
3 cheer leaders
One row of bleacher seats with backs
One hotdog stand
One beer stand

Well for 5 mill more they could have bought the Skydome a number of years back although figuring out how to get it out there might have been somewhat of a logistical nightmare. :wink:

Wish I could be excited but it just sounds of more of the same from the folks in Halifax. The completely dropped the ball when government money was in play, so this seems an even longer shot....

Actually there is no prohibition against naming rights for more than one stadium, if they want, they can get the naming rights for both stadiums. They are already doing it with Ottawa and Calgary in the NHL with the Scotiabank Place and Scotiabank Saddledome.

Hell, there's even two Roger's Centres, one in Toronto and the other in Vancouver... :?

UOttawa just spent $8 million on a brand new 4,000 seat stadium so for $20 million you could get a 10,000 seat stadium sure it would be basic but it would be possible.

Ever see the movie "Up"? You get these helium balloons, see...

True true. As I said the point being is that the word was or is that they will or want to pay for the naming rights in HRM because that is where they started in Nova Scotia. I am waiting for them just to pay to build the darn thing. It is getting to the point of ridiculous that they do not have a modern outdoor venue in Nova Scotia that can seat 25,000, Be up to FIFA and CFL standards.

See I am ok with them building a 25 000 seat stadium, not ok with a 10 000 seat stadium. If it has zero potential of attracting tennants and major acts. It becomes a useless expense. 20 million is a joke. The real number if the province pays half would be 125 million city/125 million for the Province. IMO a small price to pay to make the city a "b" city in Canada like Winnipeg,Regina,Edmonton,Ottawa. The only way to get the public behind it is to have some prospective tennants in place. The land that the Feds would be willing to GIVE to the city is absolutely perfect but its on the other side of the bridge and the downtown business community would fight it tooth and nail. So would the older demographic mostly located in southern Halifax.

That does not work for me. The provincial and federal governments should stay out of sports. Like our city now asking the provincial gov for 125 million for our new hockey area. If that goes through, every City and town in Alberta are going to line up at the trough. Of course that would be only fair, but I am not interested in our Provincial and Federal governments raising the deficit because of sports. No thank you.........

I have been hearing about a team in the Maritimes since i was born this isn't happening anytime soon, If they do build a stadium it will be like the one in Moncton to small, they will never build a 25-30 000 seat stadium they are to cheap out here and no one or no corporation wants to step up and own a team.

[b]HfxTC wrote: The real number if the province pays half would be 125 million city/125 million for the Province.[/b]
a $250 million dollar stadium? Is that a typo HfxTC?

$125 mil in total should be more than ample enough to construct a quality Stade in the Maritmes or elsewhere in Canada.

and peculiarly. in the U.S. in recent years, 25,000-30,000 seat venues have been built for far less than the aforementioned figure as well which is certainly odd.

Too poor would be more accurate. These are small governments up to their eyeballs in debt, they don't have millions just lying around for a stadium that might theoretically result in a team someday.

In the case of New Brunswick, they'd have a hard time telling people up in Perth that their hospital isn't ever going to fully reopen due to the cost, but we've got tens of millions for a football stadium. People would revolt.

I'm not so sure they're cheap as just unable to favourably finance it because of existing debt. This is why they really need the big corporate players in the Maritimes to get off their butts and DO something to help. The stadium should be and could be built entirely with corporate money. Nobody will ever convince me that a consortium of, say, Scotia Bank, McCain's and Irving Oil can't afford to built a $200M stadium which they will have a stake in. It's actually pretty disgusting that they haven't done anything.

If you were a company would you build a stadium not knowing if there will be a team?

I think thats what you will see happening in the near future with Scotia Bank. They are a Major sponsor in the CFL and now that the Landsdowne park issue has been resolved and the 100th Grey Cup will be in the History books soon that the CFL and its major sponsor will begin to get involved with a stadium in Halifax. It is also rumored that with Rogers buying out the score that they are interested in securing rights to on CFL game a week. With a 10th team that would be one more game each week which would then make it favorable for Rogers to get that 5th game every week with TSN still holding 4 games.
For years the Halifax situation has looked as if the glass is half empty it is quickly moving to the glass being half full.