I know a lot of people dont like Printers but we need to protect our QBs.If you watch the play it was a delerate late hit on Printers on the sidelines. He never let up at all and when he hit Printers and you can see he was clearly out of bonds.

Yes, he got a 15 yard penenty but he should of got objectional conduct and kick out of the game.
I think the Cats should call the League on Monday with a complaint and there should be a fines giving out.

Then later in the game there was another hit on Printers helment to helment and it wasnt called too WHY ?. If it was Callivo or Pierce something would be done. :x :?

I dont know....I guess I'm old school.

But I think that he wouldnt have made it back to huddle. WTF, the seasons over and nobody and mean nobody made a stance on the hit. Maybe a late hit, or a punch, etc....anything!!! Somebody do something. The game was over at that point, when the Cats didnt standup for themselves. Gutless. It was a cheap hit.

To be honest, I don't think Casey was out of bounds. I didn't think the hit was that bad. Even though he was going out of bounds, he could still have put on the brakes and turned it up field.

8) The only guy that tried to retaliate for that late hit was Printers himself !! He was being held back by a couple of linesmen who got in between himself and Charlton. I also found it rather disturbing that no one on our team went after Charlton and decked him !!!
  Hage got in his face and probably threatened him, but that had no effect on Charlton.

  It doesn't say much for our team, that no one went to Printers defence and physically manhandled Charlton for the cheap shot.

  I don't care if some of the players don't like Printers, but in a nothing game, to let Charlton get away with that, shows complete indifference to your own teammate  !!!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

  Disgracefull  !!!

... are you joking? have you ever watched a football game before? this play gets called 100% of the time, and for good reason.

If we're lucky, maybe Auggie will lay a helmet on Glenn next week.

no i am not joking

i take offense to your accusations, i watch football all the time

if you take anther look, he was going out of bounds but his feet were still in bounds,

i see you are one of the people who are turning this game into a game for sissies!

you are taught from a young age, play until the whistle blows and finish your tackles

i agree that it was a violent hit and he could have just pushed him

i hate how we protect the qb so much these days, it sickens me

the question is, was printers in or out of bounds when he was hit? he was in. end of story.

He was in bounds and the hit was clean.

The defender did exactly as he is supposed to do. Punish the ball carrier.

Thank you!

I disagree.

For all players, YES. But a QB, No. QB's are treated a little differently and he let up on the out of bounds. He wasnt expecting to be hit on the play, and DB knew it. Kinda like laying a bodycheck on a goalie if he comes out of crease. No need to hit him on the play. Total display of lack of respect.

when a player is going out of bounds and is giving himself up and is not expecting the hit its illegal by the rules and that is why they usually call, especially on qbs.
article 3, section (o) ii,
(o) Unnecessary physical contact, including but not limited to, running into,
diving into, cut blocking or throwing the body on a player who is:
i) out of play, or
ii) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent,
before or after the ball is dead; throwing a ball carrier to the ground after the
ball is dead.
§ Any other act of roughness or unfair play, provided it is not considered excessive
enough to warrant disqualification.

Ah, but I believe Printers should have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponenet as he is fair game while he was in bounds.

He was on his way out of bounds and the opponent is supposed to respect that and not hit him when he is no longer attempting to gain yards and clearly on his way out and thats why its in the rules that way and that is why they called it that way and ALWAYS call it that way. You cant hit him when he slides either and you cant hit a player who gives a knee either and they are in bounds. It was excessive and will always be called especially on a qb......they will always give the qb the benefit of the doubt on a borderline hit. In the pocket or anywhere................they call it and they did call it.


I hate how we "over protect" the qbs. I understand hits to the head, low hits and late hits. But this hit was made while he still was in bounds. Until he is out of bounds, he could have stopped and turned it up field.

Yes, it looked like he was going out of bounds but until he does you have to make sure that he doesn't make any extra yards.

Remember the Dolphins and I think Cowboy game from about 12 years ago or so. The fins have the ball on like the 5 yard line, no time outs, clock running, maybe 30 seconds left. It appears that Dan Marino is going to spike the ball. Instead he fakes spiking the ball and throws a touchdown. Now, the defense "thought" he was going to spike the ball and basically took the play off.

The rule is play to the whislte.Winnipeg played to the whistle so they wouldn't get burned on a big run.

I can see why no one came to Printers defense. It was a clean hit in bounds.

I personally thought it was a clean play that deserved no penalty. You can bring the rules in but because the Bomber player hit Printers in bounds, we will never know if CP was going out of bounds or going to try and turn it up field.

I dont quite understand you guys! if you watched the replay, CP made like a soccer player and sold the hit. He was touched AS he was going out of bounds. Second, I think its good that the team showed some class by not blowing up, it shows that they are now coached well. I dont think the sidelines should have "blown up" and tryed to lash out! I think they reacted just fine, like sombody elce said, your trained to play to the whistle. What if CP made it look like he was going out then tured it upfeald for a TD?

That's right.

And if he didn't want to get hit he could have done a foot first slide. That's how they're protected. He opted to not utilize the protection offered to him.

the ref made the right call and for once it went in the cats favor. thats how the rule is written and they ALWAYS err on the side of caution with qbs, its written right in the rule book that way for a reason, to stop wars on the field which normally would happen but.......thats another thread.

It was a cheap shot period. And it sure speaks volumes when your quarterback takes a cheap shot right at your bench and nobody does anything. Actually really really embarassing that the ticat players wearing ticat uniforms stood there and did nothing. There was a day when a ticat uniform had a reputation for toughness and pride but looks like those days are gone too. I wonder if guys like mosca, zambiasi, covington would have stood there and did nothing…they would have been kicked out of the game for their reaction, and we would have been proud of them.

if the hit was on porters or williams would the team and fan reactions on this site be the same. everyone here is showing there bias towards printers and that is just as bad as the players reactions. maybe this is one of the reasons this team hasnt had a winnig record over the last few years players dont respect their own teammates