Late hit on Glenn

I've watched the replay on TSN about 20 times after I saw the replay once on TV and thought it was an obvious late hit/s then (2 defenders contacted him late). So, I wanted to see how that ref could miss something like that when if happened right in front of him as evident in the replay.
My conlclusion: The ball had already been thrown and was actually in the hands of Cobourne before Anwar Stewart head butted Glenn. Yes, head butted him! Stewart leaned his helmet down and nailed Glenn in the helmet, injuring him. Go to 8:17 to see the replay.

Yes I realize the game speed is totally different than replay speed. But come on. A late hit and head shot to boot. Then watch the same ref walk right passed a downed Glenn when the 10 yard play was over for intents and purposes.

It was one of many mistakes the refs made today. It's to be expected though, happens every game in the CFL.

It might be the first time this season we can say that the Ticats won despite some bad or questionable calls that went against them. Sucks happens

Stewart definitely took two steps following the release of the ball, and then lowered his head to achieve a more forceful impact as he pushed Glenn into Bowman.

I agree it should have been flagged. Also, Simmons needs to give a little better block before releasing his man and running downfield to block for the screen.

Definitely helmet to helmet! No reason for it to be missed. The the Als take two face mask penalties, without the face mask, Cats might have scored earlier.

Its the same old crap with Refs,Cavillo gets bitch slapped a little and our guy gets a 15yrd penalty but nothing happens when
Glen gets an H/H hit.I hope some of these wankers don't officiate next year. :cowboy:

Problem with the refs is they are too busy watching the game then looking for the infractions that have a direct effect on the play. They get into the game for free and have the best vantage points in the stadium to watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost it on that one. I can't believe there was no flag for that and I'm sure there will be no fine. The good news is that KG was ok and we won in spite of all of the other crap. The refs continued to stink, but this time even they couldn't take it away from us.

On another note, I hope that crapmeister Ireland gets swallowed by a black hole. There was no CONCLUSIVE evidence to overturn that fumble. Oh well all water under the bridge. :lol:

I am so disgusted by the "officiating" in the CFL. I was praying that the overturned fumble, non-existent pass interference and the non call on the late hit on Kevin would not come back to haunt us psychologically or even worse, cost us ANOTHER GAME!!

Refs have sunk entire games for us - repeatedly - just look at the last regular season home game in Montreal against the Cats! There is no excuse on the face of the earth to continue to allow this.

Made me wonder if the non call of P.I. against us when Richardson was the intended target was perhaps a make-up call for the crap we had endured. That is also a terrible way to officiate too.

Game changing results of poor officiating has to stop. You can't wipe out an entire season based on wrong calls. Jake Ireland included. :thdn:

The one thing that may have caused the ref to miss the head butt was that Glenn was sandwiched by the two Als players, and the one between Glenn and the ref may have blocked his view of the one in front who actually hit him.
The umpire may have been able to see it, but I don't think I've ever seen the umpire call roughing the passer, so it might not be his call to make.