Late hit on Glenn

I’m just curious, am I the only Edmonton fan who thinks Barrenechea doesn’t deserve a suspension for his late hit on Gleen?

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Football is a rough game and accidents/injuries are going to happen. Hits like that could cause career ending injuries. Any player that pulls a stunt like that should face the consequences in addition to the 15 yard penalty. Today it was #39 for the Eskimos. It will happen again. We Just don't know what team the piece of whale crap will be playing for. Why whale crap you ask. Because whale crap sinks all the way to the bottom. It could be a Bomber next time, who knows. If it is, he will be a piece of whale crap also.

Sorry Chief, I just watched the replay on TSN and he took 2 steps after the ball was thrown then the hit to the head. This has been a suspension in the past but I don't expect more than a fine here maybe because nobody serves suspensions in the CFL anymore.

I have never seen someone get suspended for that kind of hit... :?

Terrell Jurineack in '06, I'm sure there are others

Someone else mentioned that. I found an article, but I can`t find out whether or not his appeal of the suspension was successful. And why was he suspended and Schultz only finedÉ

From what I can remember was that Schultz's hit was OK but the way he tackled him wasn't, drove the QB's head into the ground or something like that.

I think he deservers at least one Game it was a dirty hit . and Machocka should be fired. along with Campbell , They are a laughing stock and every Offence in the league knows how to run against us Campbell has no clue how to run a Defence

You must be the only one. I’ve been an Esks fan since 1954 and I always was proud of this organization and the way they conducted themselves. Not any more. This cheap shot by Barrenechea was a deliberate attempt to injure Glenn. The guy should be suspended for the rest of the season.
The last time I saw an Eskimo team resort to this kind of of tactic was when Joe Farrigelli was at the helm…and you know how long it took the organization to get rid of him. Sad to say, but the Eskimos are blowing their hard earned reputation as the class of the CFL.

I would agree maybe not the whole year by the league , but maybe released by the Esks outright. I've been a fan since the early 70's and can't remember the last time the Esks played such undisaplined Football . Machoaka and his Croonies have to be removed just so we can save our reputation as the Class of the league. most of the so called experts we see on TV have been Eskimo haters since their playing days except for Dunnigin but most are loving the fact the Eskimos are falling apart.

What are smokin man. That was an intentional attempt to injure. Maybe the Bombers should send someone to hit ricky ray the next game. Come on that guy could have stoped or at the least just grabed glen and hung on to him instead of a helmet to helmet hit. Very poor play by a marginal player.

Well what would that prove ? Yes it was a bad hit and probably deservers something more then a 15yd penalty but to go after the other teams QB is worse then the initial hit , let the league handle this, the players have been through this before and know how to handle these situations , just calm down and be thankfull you got the Win ,

Your right it would not prove anything! The Bombers are classier than the Esks and that would be a stupid move. However if the Esks should susspend him for that hit. This would show zero tolerence for this kind of hit. And as the rule book says

"1) Referees are instructed to err on the side of protecting the passer. If there is any doubt, they will penalize.
2) It would not be ruled a foul if a passer ducks into an otherwise legal hit.
3) There is a “zero step rule? once the pass is thrown."

The refs made the right call and penilized the goofball after the hit. But because there is a zero step rule this idiot should have been turfed from the game for intentional attempt to injure. There was no reason to continue because on a convert attempt the ball is dead. He would not have been blocking for a interception return so there was no reason to hit Glen. This is the last thing we need in a league where the quarterbacks are the most valuable players to their team and hekp get fans in the seats. Shame on the player who committed this play and for not even saying he did something stupid and for the coaches to admit it was the wrong thing to do.

I will agree with point #1 , but when you say their was no point to continue I don't think Barrenechea new the play was dead as he just had Glenn in his target . the Bombers got the call but they reacted and got themselves penalized which I'm sure as a Bomber fan makes it even worse . were just lucky that Glenn was not seriously hurt and I can't see Barrenechea intentionally trying to hurt anyone .
I'ts just like in Hockey if you high stick someone and cut their lip it's 5 min but if you high stick someone and take out all their Teeth It's still 5min. Sometimes it's hard to prove intent to injure penalties.

The league responded. A few fines were handed out. I'm satisfied with the action taken by the league. If I didn't say it before, I do hope Glenn is OK. Hopefully we can have a good re-match this weekend.

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If you considered that trolling, you are completely laughable. offer me an explanation, please. I just have to know. I'm completely flabbergasted.

I think he should have gotten one game. (The NFL suspends and fines a similar git from the weekend.) I also thought Jimenez should have been suspended for his hit last year. Trouble is Mark Cohon doesn't run the CFL, the Players Association does. Anytime a suspension comes out the CFLPA grieves it, and it goes to arbitration where nothing seems to stick. Only in the CFL do the players run the league, not the Commisioner.

So, the fine will be all he gets.

Personally, not to take this too off topic, but I don't like how the NFL does things. No way should Smith have been suspended and fined. That was a bit over the top. Give him one or the other.