Late hit on Damon

If that was our QB who got hit late like Damon Allen did from behind we'd be screaming blue murder......

Just a thought in perspective :expressionless:

maybe its bias on my part....but I think if they had shown the replay in full speed, it wouldnt look too bad.

I must admit, it being the Argos it does not bother me.
A few years ago in a preseason game the Argos ruined our season by hitting Danny late and dirty in a preseason game.
One of the lost seasons.

Do you remeber when Danny Mac was speared with a helmet to the chin by Argos #10 Antonious Bonner. No penalty and then no suspension by the league after.

Do you remeber when Danny Mac was speared with a helmet to the chin by Argos #10 Antonious Bonner. No penalty and then no suspension by the league after.

Unlike us Argo fans, we do not cry and moan about everything. If you Ti-Cats fans would look at each other and see just how much of babies you are, then you would know.

I guess you are new here :wink:

I was actually a member of the forum before the merge with the CFL forums. It really is funny just how sore losers some Ti-Cats fans are.

That was a close call on Shaw last night, that play by Boner on Mac was dirty. :twisted:

Don't know many Blue team fans do ya Stevie? You DO cry and moan about everything. It's the nature of the Toronto sports fan. I'm still hearing about the Gretzky high stick from 1993. If you're referring to fletch's point about Danny, I heard lots of complaining from Blue Team fans about DA being hurt two weeks in a row. Yes it may have been a late hit but I seriously doubt there was any intent to hurt him on the part of Shaw. It's not the way Shaw plays. It was a fluke injury which happened when he was putting his hand down to break his fall. It's too bad he was hurt but those things happen.

I do not cry about anything. Argo fans are not like Leafs fans (which there are many Leafs fans in Hamilton too by the way). I'm not angry about the hit on Allen, even if it was a late hit, as you said it was a fluke injury when Allen landed on his hand wrong. However, when the Ti-Cats lose, it is always something that causes them to lose, if it is 27-17, 33-30, or 48-0. The whole CFL world is out to get you, and you alone. Get over it, you lost because of stupid penalties, get over it and move on!

I think for the most part people (especially on this board) blame the loss on specific players with regularity. I don't think we "cry" any more than any other team when we lose. See for further info. You have 3 groupings IMO. Those who blame everything but the team, those who target certain players and blame them wholeheartedly for the loss and those of us who realize that sometimes you lose. Things don't go your way. The team doesn't click the way it should and you need to put it behind you and move on. Is it Saturday yet?? Bring on Montreal

From what I saw, it wasn't a late hit. I think the call was made mostly because Shaw held onto Allen and took him into the turf. I think Shaw may have been trying to send a message. He wasn't really late, but could have held up. He didn't go for Allen's head. This is not dirty. There's not a team in the league that doesn't do the same thing. I think the injury was a fluke. Damon usually gets up after a hit like this.

As far as Hamilton fans or Toronto fans crying or moaning, give it a break. All fans complain when things don't go there way. It's part of being emotional for your team. If I'm guilty of being an emotional fan, so be it.

Well, maybe you should not let emotions get in the way of reason!

Man you don't know how many times I wished I could do that. Doesn't happen. Emotions have a funny way of popping up when you don't want them to. Reason has nothing to do with football.

Cant leave it alone a Steve

That call on Shaw for hitting Damon was a very marginal call. It was really close. Too bad Damon got hurt on the other hand it was NOT Intentional

ya... Shaw is the guy they all out for not knowing how to hit.... he didn't intentionally injure allen any more than anyone tries to injure any player on a play. he looked like he heldup even (tho not much)

hit wasn't late either. now the hit on Wynn on his TD pass... THAT was late

He's right.

There was one by Auggie and another by Armour that were late too. No flags though

I think the Shaw hit was clean though. It seems like the refs feel the need to throw a flag on every play. When i'm yelling "that's not interference, come on!" at my television when the penalty is on the Argos, that's when you know something is wrong. What is this, the super bowl?

Let them play!!