Late hit on Cobb

The CFL should review the game tape and hand out fines in the game.The hit on Cobb out of bonds.

You can clearly see Cobb was out of bonds, and the Garlgary guy didnt let up at all, and hit him hard atlest 2 yards out of bonds.
If this was hockey and a player took a run and boarded a player like that he would get a 10 Minute major plus a game and a fine from the league.

My question is, I though the league reviewed all the games or do the teams have to make a formal complaint for them to look at it ?

Plus they missed the shout to the head on Porter in the second have, and there was alot of hits using there helments and low hits at the kness(Bruce hit).They need to start calling(flaging) this plays or theres going to be some major injuries out there.

8) The hit on Cobb was called and a major penalty was given out.
  The hit on Bruce was not a dirty tackle at all, he was hit on the side of his thigh, with what is a 

   normal every day tackle.

   I will agree with you with regards to that head shot on Porter.  That should have been called, but

   obviously the ref didn't see it !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

So why did Belle from the Agros last week got a major penelty for fighting and a FINE from the league??? Because if you think about it how can 2- 300lb lineman hurt each other fighting with helments and pads on, Cobb could have been hurt alot more from that late hit.

its football...
people hit each other thats what they do. The hit was late so he got a penalty, its not that big of a deal.