Lastest Cuts, June 13

So, the Blue Bombers have gotten rid of a few players that some thought were staples on the team.

What do you guys think?

Who exactly are you referring to? Breedlove? Thibault? Markese Fitzgerald? I wouldn't call those guys staples. I was a little surprised to here they gave Fitzgerald and Breedlove the axe, but whatever, what's done is done. All we can do is have faith in Daley and the Bomber brass. From what I understand, the Bombers are big on this receiver Blue Adams who was one of the top receivers in NFL Europe with the Amsterdam Admirals. The Bombers have rights to him, and are anticipating that he'll get cut from the NFL camp he's currently attending (with the Indianapolis Colts if I'm not mistaken) which is why Breedlove was cut methinks. I wouldn't worry about it too much though, if they put on a show at camp they would've kept them around. No sense keeping dead wood on the payroll.

cutting Smith was a little surprising......didn't have a good camp or still carried an old injury from last year which could have done him in... :?

Think they should have hung on to Smith!!!

....Don't know why i even bother replying to you Joe......HOWEVER...there's nothing like living in the past eh compadre... :lol: :lol:

Joe Smith ???

He wasn't with the Bombers in 2005. I've got no clue what Smith Papa was talking about then either.

I have enough trouble remembering yesterday, let alone 2005. . . and i both MadJack......I believe i was referring to Joltin Joe.....but then....i could be wrong....been awhile :lol: ..blueblood says he wasn't around then.....but i can't think of any other smith that i would have been mentioning.....hmmmmm mystery????? :roll: :roll: ...come to think of man Roberts was traded to the leos for Smith.....and that was not that long ago???? Joe.....see what you started????? :lol:

Joe Smith only came to the Bombers in September, 2008 in the Charles Roberts trade. He didn’t sign with the Lions until 2006 and was in NFL Europe in 2005.

...obviously wasn't Joe Smith......Did we have another Smith back in 05?????? :roll:

I think he resurrected this thread just to drive us nuts.

It's the 2005 date that is messing me up. I'd almost think it was Onterrio Smith but he wasn't signed until 2006.

.....i almost forgot about the over-weight whizzinator guy.....I'm stumped....maybe Joe can fill us in....end the Mystery Mr. Football.. :lol:

He probably thought you were talking about Joe Smith too. :lol:

Looks like it was a wide receiver:

DEPARTURES: WR Derrick Smith; LB Michel Dupuis.
. [url=] ... id=3177443[/url]

Although I suspect that Joe Football didn't have a clue about which "Smith" was being referred to.

.....thanks Fred.....that clears it up........ :wink: :thup: