Last Year's Grey Cup

Just watched some of this game lastnight for the 1st time in awhile. Man was that a HUGE TD by Demiski to pull us close, and a STUPID HUGE penalty by the Cat OLineman who came in and decked Rose in the back late. That play in itself pretty much cost the Cats the game, but White gets all the hate.
Also wanted to point out that last TD attempt was a beautiful play by Nichols to break it up, I've seen some (very wrong) posts that said he was wide open & dropped it.


Stop living in the past man!

Funny you say that I have on PVR
2021 LDC Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan,
2019 & 2021WF Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan,
2019 & 2021 Grey Cup Winnipeg vs Hamilton,
2022 WF Winnipeg vs BC and soon to add 2022 Grey Cup Winnipeg vs Toronto (this one may get erased)


Hey, can't let the good times go, sometimes you just gotta sit back & relish it! :cowboy_hat_face:


Got home from the western final and turned on the PVR to watch the game on the tube. Don't know what happened but all of my saved games (Grey Cups and final, actually everything) were gone...nothing at all listed. Seems my hard drive was reformatted.
Luckily I PVR'd the replayed 2022 final on Monday morning.
Hoping I've got some saved on the PVR at the cabin.


I watched the 4th quarter and OT again (for the umpteenth time). That single Hamilton conceded to us on the kickoff sticks out like a sore thumb. Everyone in the park had that wide-eyed WTF look on their faces.

Going into overtime we lost the coin toss but got to choose which end to start from. Choosing the wind probably sealed Hamilton's fate. Only Masoli had the arm strength to pass into that stiff breeze. We'd have been dead in the water unless Andrew Harris somehow 'willed' us into field goal range.

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Yup, plus I have one brother who is a Calgary fan and that other brother is a Saskatchewan fan.... always nice to have a little background (music) when they visit.

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First one I can watch over and over....2nd one not as memorable, but the comeback is nice, and Demski's TD is worth keeping alone.
Hopefully this one is a PVR keeper!


I have no doubt that Nichol's fingertips saved the day for you. That play is burned into my mind for posterity.

Past is Prologue