Last year after 7 gms...1-6...what a difference a year makes

Wow, Hard to believe that at this same time last year at the 7 game mark our record sat at a lowly 1-6 mark. This year ? 5-2. :smiley:
For those not keeping track our W/L record since then including East final/Grey Cup in the last 20 games has been 14 Wins and only 6 losses.If you just take regular season games played we are looking at 13-5 in our last 18 games.
The team finished off last year with an 9-4 run and have followed it up this year so far at 5-2. The team record for best seasonal record is the "98" season when we finished up at 12-5-1. I'm thinking that barring something unforeseen that this team will be the new standard bearer and record holder for best W/L record in Cat history. I've been watching Cat football for 40+ yrs and I can honestly say that I've never seen a Cat team as dominant and complete as this years squad in all phases of the game.
I'm thinking that the way this team is rolling along that we could and should see a final regular season record of at the very least 13-5 or better. Just to finish off by the way those 6 losses the team has had in the last 20 games were by the slimmest of margins of only 1,2,7,4,1,4. Translates to only being a mere 19 pts from perfection for this team. :smiley: :rockin: OSKI-WEE-WEE !!!! GREY CUP HERE WE COME !!! Can't wait to update my signature :slight_smile:

It wasnt the same team. Collaros got hurt in week two and didnt return until LD.

A major reason why it was “different” last year… Just remembering all the fans who said it was a mistake to make Collaros the starter and give up a proven veteran like Burris. :slight_smile:

I was going to dig up some old comments I made on the Collaros signing, but apparently I didn't make any. Typical me, always waiting for results before making a comment. When Bellefeuille was fired and Cortez was hired, I made a comment that had a slight negative connotation to it, but that was as far as I was willing to go.

But I will say this for the here and now. There have been many Ticat QBs that I've liked: Clements, Brock, Hobart, Calvillo, Dunnigan (sigh), Porter (shaddup), Glenn, and most recently Lefevour. But I've only loved three QBs: Kerrigan, McManus, and now Collaros...

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :lol: :lol: :lol:

1 - 6 and the one win against the expansion REDBLACKS, and 9 wins with 3 against Ottawa?
At the end of last year everyone said it's "how you finish" not how you start. So maybe we should only be worrying about the post-Labour Day games.

Last year the ticats record was misleading, they were much better than 1-6, most of those 6 losses were by fewer than 7 points, they probably were a 3-4 team with any luck, this year they could easily be 7-0 or at least 6-1, Calgary stole the first game and the Montreal game neither team played well so it was a toss up.

We are in a good spot right now, and the Team is playing some great football! :thup:
And to think we still have 6 more home games remaining, 7 if you count hosting the East Final!!! :rockin:

Remaining schedule

Fri, Aug 21@ Eskimos

Thu, Aug 27vs Alouettes

Mon, Sep 7vsArgonauts

Fri, Sep 11@Argonauts

Sat, Sep 19vsEskimos

Fri, Oct 2vsStampeders

Fri, Oct 9vsRoughriders

Sun, Oct 18@Alouettes

Fri, Oct 23@Lions



Team historian, mightypope, is to modest to tell everyone HAM hasnt started 5-2 since the 2000 season.

Gotta love that list the only one I would add is maybe Joe Zuger in the late sixties, early seventies, don’t really remember his earlier career, maybe Chuck Ealey for that one dream rookie season of '72.

Average score through the first 7 games......Ti-Cats-35....Opponents....19
Average score through 3 games at THF.......Ti-Cats-41....Opponents....16
Point differential For/Agst first 7 games.... +106
Record vs the West.............................. 4-1
Margin of victory 5 wins........................Sask +10/Wnp +26/Tor +16/Wnp +30/BC +30

You just know Ed is going to want to beat our kiddies very very badly. :cowboy: