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This is the last word I will write about the Rob/Mike issue.
My questions to the team is simply this<> If there was no intention of keeping Mike and Rob, WHY resign Mike in the off season, AND WHY WAIT TILL 3 OR 4 DAYS BEFORE THE FIRST "HOME PRESEASON" GAME TO LET THEM GO? It is dumbfounded to me that two players of this caliber deserved better. I understand change has to take place, but why, why put them through training camp, the Bomber game to this.

I wish both players my very best, and have enjoyed their play always. And Mike, if you should read this, Your Aunt Viv is the best !!! she was a teacher of mine and I will miss teasing her when I see her every now and then. Especially when you and your cousin were playing together on opposite teams. ( lol )
I will miss you both and your absence will be felt on the team both in play and off in the community !!!!!!!


Well Cheergirl, for many reasons.

  1. The staff felt they had a chance (whether slight or not to make the team).

  2. They aren't circus animals you parade out there for one last game. I really dont think thats fair to anyone.

  3. If they get injuried during the game the team would be on hook for the entire salary.

  4. It takes the rep's away from the guys actually fighting to stay on the team which is not fair to the other players.

Reality is that there were some great young Canadian players in camp who have great potential. Why release them and the chance that they will move to another team probably in the East.

We may have been lucky and got one more year out of Mike and Cock but if we had let these young outstanding Canadian guys go to another team we would be complaing about letting outstanding talent getting away.
Sooner or later these guys have to go, there were clearly younger, faster guys in camp.


I still don't see how you thought the team treated them horribly. They signed 2 aging veterans back to give them a chance to compete for a spot on the team. Right there is more than they needed to do.

Then they hold a press conference to show how much they mean to the organization when they decide they are going to go with younger players. Press conferences aren't normally held for released players. So now they have gone out of their way again.

This organization has done everything the right way when it comes to how these 2 were treated in light of what happened.

still don't see how you thought the team treated them horribly. They signed 2 aging veterans back to give them a chance to compete for a spot on the team. Right there is more than they needed to do.
Much agreed!

I 2nd that!

lets move on people!! It's football it's a sport, this is the way things go. By the way Good luck to Mike/Rob as this is my 1st post since reading the news.

Once again, this new TiCat regime has shown its class. What the two players do with the opportunity to bow out garcefully is up to them.

An Argo-Cat fan

Here's a question cheergirl. What do you think would have been proper treatment for them? Let them play until they decide they don't want to play anymore, no matter what affect that has on the team? Or would it have been better if the team released them outright in the offseason, not even giving them a chance to show the regime what they're made of.

IMO Marcel and Charlie did the right thing in the handling of Morreale and Hitch.

imho, this was classier than lumping them in with the pre-training camp purge where the whiners, quitters, and mal-contents were let go...

Bottom line is this team is getting faster and faster and if you cant keep up ,you will be left behind.No hard feelings Hitch and Morreale!

8) yawn yawn is right !!! The most important factor in any football team is overall Team Speed !!! We lacked it in areas, and now we have improved on it !! The TiCat organization showed a lot of class by handling this situation the way that they did. They gave each player the option to retire and take a position with the organization, of which each player opted not to do !!! At this point in their careers I think they should have taken the offer and been happy !!!!

Today's paper:

Desjardins said it wasn't a mistake to re-sign Morreale as a free agent last February. He said the Cats had no idea that it would be able to draft both Getzlaf and Bauman in March.

Entire article here:

Right call, not easy one - Ticat decision based on protecting up-and-coming Canadians

Looking forward to seeing what Bauman and Getsalaugh can do.

The Ticat organization handled this situation perfectly. Our management showed a lot of class to offer these former players jobs with the team. They did this out of respect for each of them even though they don’t actually owe them a thing apart from gratitude.

The times, they are achangin!

Most of us thought that we were rebuilding last year until we realized what a fiasco last years coaches, managers and yes, even our caretaker had made of the team.

Fortunately, our caretaker has extremely good business sense and made all the right moves for this season and beyond. He is also a solid student now of Ticat football and the CFL.

The problem was we weren't rebuilding in the first three years, Lancaster and Katz were trying to put together a bunch of quick fixes while Marshall was releasing all the young players they brought in. There didn't seem to be any plan and Ron didn't have the patience to build something, he just tried to go out and over pay for over rated free agents.

Now we are most definately rebuilding and can expect a lot of growing pains from this team. We would not be in this mess if we had a more experienced experienced gm in Bob's rookie year. Not that Marcel has experience either, which shows by the way he is loading up on rookies, you can't just have rooks, you need some vets for these guys to look up to, and Rob and Mike were the perfect guys to have in the locker room.

WOW… you people make me sick!
to actually come up with reasons and support the release of these two players, it’s far beyond me. These are two players who breathed, ate, and sweat ti-cat football here in Hamilton so that you (by chance) could have something to fill the gap between snacks at the concession stands. Perhaps the two players are past their prime… however I can find 30 different reasons why we didnt have a winning season last year, or the year before, or the year before or the year before and so on. We need to make room for the new of course but not at the expense of two seasoned team leaders.

Now im assuming you will all get behind Mr. Hamilton himself Lumsden. You will probably all expect him to strap Mass on his back and run him right into the EZ for a Grey Cup… Heaven forbid we even bring back a QB who shouldnt even be playing arena ball. My point being the only reason lumsden is playing here is because the seahawks had no use for him, but when we are 3rd and goal on the 5 call in the man. When the heck are we ever 3rd and five?

All this crap i have to watch week after week after week has made me grow unfond of tigercat football. However if this season i see rookie talent that shows more promise than Mike or Rob then i owe you all a coke! That better damn well be the case as well or our GM and HC have made a terrible decision on this one.

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