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Well I'll be hornswaggled: Rodeo tops the TV list
While it's pretty much a given that football and baseball dominate the summer sports ratings in Canada in non-Olympic years, there's a sport that tends to get overlooked: rodeo.

Apparently all that calf-roping and steer wrangling makes for some compelling television. The most-watched sports event over last weekend was the Calgary Stampede, which is amazing considering that there were likely few PETA members in that audience.

This is no ratings blip, by the way. CBC's average of 250,000 viewers for each Stampede showing is up only 3 per cent over last year.

In other ratings observations, the Blue Jays audiences continue to slip slide away as the team pretty much takes the same route. Expect them to drop even further, especially if Roy Halladay is sent packing.

The Toronto Indy didn't fare badly despite a year's absence.

TSN attracted 174,000 viewers to the race, which was also broadcast on ABC. Since we don't know how many people watched on the American channel, it's impossible to know how many Canadians watched the demolition derby at the Ex. But it's safe to assume there were more than 300,000.

That pales in comparison to the race's glory days, when it routinely hit 500,000 -- but it's a start.

That said, here are the top-rated weekend sports events in English Canada. As always, they were compiled by BBM Nielsen Media Research:

  1. Rodeo, Calgary Stampede, Sunday, CBC: 384,000
  2. Football, Stampeders at Bombers, Friday, TSN: 353,000
  3. Football, Roughriders at Argonauts, Saturday, TSN: 325,000
  4. Football, Tiger-Cats at Lions, Friday, TSN: 325,000
  5. Rodeo, Calgary Stampede, Saturday, CBC: 318,000
  6. Baseball, Blue Jays at Orioles, Saturday, Sportsnet: 308,000
  7. Baseball, Blue Jays at Orioles, Friday, Sportsnet: 258,000
  8. Auto racing, NASCAR Lifelock 400, Saturday, TSN: 222,000
  9. Rodeo, Calgary Stampede, Sunday, CBC: 221,000
  10. Baseball, Blue Jays at Orioles, Sunday, Sportsnet: 203,000
  11. Auto racing, F1 German Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 178,000
  12. Auto racing, Toronto Indy, Sunday, TSN: 174,000*
  • Ratings for ABC broadcast not calculated.

OTHER STUFF: 640 Toronto's Bill Watters Show included a great interview with prospective new Raptor Jarrett Jack. It's an interview that shows you don't always have to ask good questions if the subject has a sense of humour and an idea of what makes a good story. At one point, Watters asks Jack where he's from. Couldn't he have at least Googled the guy?
Here's the link if you missed it: ... Audio.aspx
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This is from today's Toronto Star Chris Zelkovich blog.

Well Catasroph, my wife isn't a big sports person but she loves rodeo and has had me watching it from time to time and I have to admit I get a real kick out of watching it and do find it entertaining. Those guys are crazy who ride those bulls, no way I'd be doing that and the skill to lassoo those calfs is awesome.

Halliday, yikes, the guy looks totally non-motivated out there on the mound these days. The quicker they trade him the better off I think. That is if they can trade him. Problem now is everyone knows he's great but they have to see him get back on track to see what the deal is with his mind, I'd think.

I assume that the Montreal game was omitted due to the fact it wasn't a weekend event and the audience was TSN/RDS split.

Interesting to see that the 2nd half of the double header was only down 8% or so. Not sure what HNIC drop-off was like, but I'm pretty sure it was higher than that. The ratings for the afternoon game aren't that bad either.

That pretty much sums up my tv viewing for the weekend.

CFL football remains the number 1 property on TV.

The CFL games are basically the only league where I have to as much as possible watch every game.

Ditto for me too Earl.
I have watched every game and hope to continue this streak this week.
Anyone else out there like the two of us.

I watch every game too
Just lucky my wife is very understanding,lol
It does cost me thou, i give her my credit card

The saturday game being on at 11 am and earlier out West probably hurt the ratings slightly. I generally tune into all the games during the week, but if it was not the Riders playing Saturday morning I wouldn't have tuned in that early.

Aside from the two games on Canada Day, I’ve managed to watch all of the games.

how would these ratings compare to hockey night in canada? thankx for this thread as well, i really enjoy this, but i cna never find the information.

HNIC can get 1.833M ( Feb 21 ) or 1.274M ( Mar 21 )

CFL doesn't usually make the top 30 unless it's playoffs.