Summer ratings, especially ones involving a holiday weekend, are seldom significant. But it's looking as if the Blue Jays Nation has thrown in the towel on the 2009 season -- just about the same time the Jays themselves threw it in.

Yes, Friday's game was at 10 p.m. Eastern and most sports fans were probably frolicking at the lake or working on their melanomas at the beach. But in 11 years of doing this job, I can't remember a three-game series that drew such low ratings. The Jays' top weekend audience -- 176,000 for afternoon games -- was about half what the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Toronto Argonauts drew for truly one of the most dreadful football games in some time.

On the other hand, Friday's Lions-Ticats game topped half a million viewers. I can't recall the last time that many people tuned in to watch the Ticats do anything.

Here are the top English-language sports ratings from the holiday weekend, as always courtesey of the folks and machines at BBM Nielsen Media Research:

  1. Football, Lions at Ticats, Friday, TSN: 519,000

  2. Football, Roughriders at Stampeders, Saturday, TSN: 411,000

  3. Football, Blue Bombers at Argonauts, Saturday, TSN: 337,000

  4. Auto racing, NASCAR Pennsylvania 500, Monday, TSN: 236,000

  5. Baseball, Blue Jays at A's, Saturday, Sportsnet: 176,000

  6. Baseball, Blue Jays at A's, Sunday, Sportsnet: 176,000

  7. Baseball, Blue Jays at A's, Friday, Sportsnet: 110,000

Great post Cat.
I have predicted how the massive CFL numbers will exceed 400,000 this year. Again pointing out how the CFL did not obtain market value at $15M per year instead of at least $20-20M per.
Can you also obtain the RDS french ratings for the Als? They usually average around 300,000 per game.

I'm not sure where to get those. Maybe someone else can get an answer for us.

Some dude posted those on here last year. An Argo fan, if I recall.....

Could you imagine how poor ratings for the Jays game had it gone up against the CFL game on Friday night !!!! It wouldn't be anymore than a Toronto Full of Crap game!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's a tremendous audience of over 500,000 for the Hamilton/Lions game, especially in the heart of summer. The CFL blows everything else right out of the water. :thup:

Whatever happened to TFC/MLS? Don't hear much about them anymore, except on some Toronto newspapers which are MLSE allies. I believe they were drawing about 30,000 viewers on Score, but perhaps they are so low they don't even register, like on Fox Soccer channel last season? :wink:

The TFC is so low that it is virtually family and friends, way below infomercial ratings.

I guess the only ones that would watch TFC are the same people who go to the games...a little bit like the Phoenix Coyotes. Hopefully its the beginning of the end of them as well and the rest of the MLS...

Since there are two Friday games and two Saturday games this week, it’s a cinch that the CFL will take all four top spots…

Those are impressive numbers! Ad revenue has got to be up at TSN. I wonder what the Eskie-Als game did.

:thup: I estimate 3-5 years before the house of cards come down.

The more you see the TV numbers for the CFL compared to other sports, the more you realize how much Tom Wright screwed the league with that TV deal.

Yes you and me have talked about this on many other threads.
Negotiating with only one entity is never a good thing and even when you want to remain with TSN?
Ultimately the $15M annually is at least a minimum $5-$10M per year light.

Very difficult to get audience figures for RDS
This year 211 000 avg up 11 percent over last year, but keep in mind that they only televise 18 regular season games.

Here are other stats for comparison sakes

Super Bowl

2009 691 000
2008 900 000

Vanier Cup
2009 380 000
2008 225 000

I think their goal for the next contract should be 23 million per season, if Ottawa is in there 28 million. If they chose to drop the pre-season games and go to a 20 game season something I think they should do. 25 million with Ottawa 30 million.