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by Chris Zelkovich

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WEEKEND RATINGS: What's most interesting about last weekend's overnight ratings isn't so much what's on the list, but what isn't. That would be an MLS game between Houston and Toronto FC on Saturday, which drew all of 51,000 viewers to CBC.

It was a bit of an anomaly -- TFC games are averaging 118,000 on CBC -- but even that season average might not be enough to keep the national broadcaster interested beyond this season. TFC games on Rogers Sportsnet, which shows them only on its Ontario and Pacific channels, are averaging 46,000 viewers. The good news is that's up 53 per cent from 2007.

Here are the top-rated sports events in English Canada over the weekend, as always, provided by BBM Nielsen Media Research:

  1. Football, Argos at Stampeders, Friday, TSN: 413,000
  2. Baseball, Red Sox at Blue Jays, Friday, Sportsnet: 400,000
  3. Football, Blue Bombers at Tiger-Cats, Saturday, TSN: 374,000
  4. Golf, British Open final round, Sunday, TSN: 329,000*
  5. Baseball, Red Sox at Blue Jays, Saturday, Sportsnet: 296,000
  6. Football, Alouettes at Roughriders, Saturday, TSN: 295,000
  7. Baseball, Red Sox at Blue Jays, Sunday, Sportsnet: 254,000
  8. Golf, British Open third round, Saturday, TSN: 236,000*
  9. Track and field, Golden League, Saturday, CBC: 144,000
  10. Swimming, World aquatics championships, Saturday, CBC: 133,000

Cfl is tops again.

I think it's a bit misleading as well since they don't combine RDS numbers with TSN's numbers for Als games so they always average less since many in Quebec watch the RDS feed.

Those Saturday early afternoon games or morning out west during summer will never do very well.I know I have other things to do and didnt see either game last week and wont be watching this week either.

I guess that's where we're different. I just schedule those games right into my day. Stay inside during the heat of the day and come out when it's cooler. The CFL is a great game and (IMO) few things better to do than watch as many games as I can.