Last week's Montreal game on tsn2

My apologies if this has been discussed however last weekend I searched high and low for the game and couldn't find it anywhere in the guide. A friend called and said it's on tsn2. My subscription includes tsn1, 3,and 4 but no 2...tsn2 is extra. There were, I believe at least 2 tsns that had car Racing on it. Has this happened before or is this a trend that's coming.?...and if so, I will cancel my satellite subscription because the only reason I still have it is for live sports..... Your thoughts?

I believe TSN's contract with the Ryder Cup says they have to show the final day on their main channels (1,3,4,5) that's why the game was on 2.
If they want to avoid it, don't schedule a Montreal home game that weekend. After Labour Day McGill stadium is only available to them on Sundays (+ Thanksgiving Monday).