Last Week's Best QB Was...


What is this, Bizarro World?

Better than Henry Burris, Kevin Glenn, Kerry Joseph, and even the Great Damon Allen?

Are the planets in some weird alignment? Has Hell frozen over? Are pigs flying?

And is Kent Austin, who always supported Bishop before being fired by the Argos, laughing up his sleeve? mean Kent Austin the next coach of the Als......or Cats'.....i think he's just waiting for a call....and wherever he goes...could Bishop be far behind......hmmmmm...heavy speculation..... :wink:

and a question???? seeing as we're talking qbs. does anyone know the status of Calvillos' contract in Montreal....i'm sure Berry ...who gets along real well with Anthony would like to bend his ear if he's available...He sure would look good in BluenGold...(wishing and dreaming) Calvillo as mentor and Glenn as back-up.would do very nicely for a Cup run...... :wink: :roll: :lol:

however if Anthony wins a Cup for the Als this year...all of my speculation (dreams) will hav e to go in the garbage can..... :lol:

I dont think Bishop was the best QB yesterday. Even though the Bombers lost, Glenn was the best QB on the field in the games yesterday. Bishop had 3 good throws, but other than that, did very little. Toronto is in big trouble if Allen has a bad game next week in Montreal. I dont think Bishop is good enough to take the Argos to the GC game.

You know why?.. because Austin would be a great Mentor. Regardless of what you think he may be for a head coach.

Glenn looked good while he was doing his Dr. Jekyll routine....then he turns into this Hyde guy and.... ooops....tosses one to the opposition...Kevin is too hot and cold... very inconsistent...but when he seasons a bit and gains more experience...he will be one of the greatest back-ups ever to grace this
league.... :rockin: :wink:

Greatest backup? Papa, have I finally convinced you about Glenn? :wink: :wink:


...not quite sporty....i have always had my reserv ations regarding Glenn....and games like yesterday just confirm the feeling of uneasiness with this guy....The Bombers are a couple of players away from great things...the qb. is one of them....and your qbs. will probably get a good look from the Bomber brass at the end of the season...and by the way ....good luck in the final... :thup:

Glenn is a decent quarterback at best, but he doesn’t deserve to shoulder all of the blame for the pick he threw late in the game. Most of the blame belongs with the offensive coordinator who called the last sequence of plays.

If I remember correctly, there were 43 seconds on the clock and Winnipeg was first down on the Argo’s 31. That’s a lot of time in the CFL. The Bombers had time to throw at least one or two running plays into the mix and their ground game had been giving TO fits so the Argos had to respect it. Why at that stage of the game – and for the first time in the game – would you want to empty your backfield on the next two plays? With your running back up at the line of scrimmage, you are telling the Argos before the snap of the ball “just bring three guys and drop everybody else off into coverage because we are not going to run the ball so you don’t worry about it?. The first pass off the empty backfield went for 5 yards and the second was picked. What a surprise.