last week of the regular season tv ratings

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CFL viewership jumps

TSN’s Canadian Football League audiences increased a huge 51 per cent this season.

The sports cable channel, which is the sole CFL rights holder, averaged 600,000 viewers a game over the 72 game schedule, compared with last season’s 397,000.

The rise is attributable largely to new Portable People Meter measurement system that was introduced by BBM Canada in September. The more accurate PPM has pushed up sports audiences across the board. Nevertheless, football audiences on TSN have grown steadily season to season.

Five games had audiences of more than one million viewers. B.C. Lions-Saskatchewan Roughriders, Oct. 24 (O.T.), 1.2 million. Edmonton Eskimos-Roughriders, Sept. 20, 1.1 million. Eskimos-Calgary Stampeders, Sept. 7, Labour Day, 1.09 million. Stampeders-Roughriders, Nov. 7, 1.08 million. Roughriders-Lions, Oct. 2, 1.04 million.

Demographically, the 18-34 group, which is the advertisers’ target, made up 18 per cent of the total audience, up 38 per cent from last season; 36 per cent of the audience consisted of women, up 12 per cent.

Weekend numbers

Hockey: The surprise was the CBC’s 1.014 million for Scotiabank Hockey Night. That’s a big number for a pre-game show, aided, of course, by the new PPM measurement system. Still, the Hall of Fame content pulled them in.

Game 1, Detroit Red Wings-Toronto Maple Leafs, nationally, (Tampa Bay-Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils-Ottawa Senators regionally) drew 1.964 million.

Game 2 (New York Rangers-Calgary Flames) was watched by 877,000.

Regional games: Vancouver Canucks-Dallas Stars, Friday, Sportsnet Pacific, 365,000.

Edmonton Oilers-Colorado Avalanche, Sunday, Sportsnet West, 245,000.

CFL: Esks-Lions, Friday, TSN, 610,000.

Stamps-Roughriders, TSN, Saturday, 1.087 million.

Montreal Alouettes-Toronto Argonauts, Saturday, TSN, 434,000

Hamilton Tiger-Cats-Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Sunday, TSN, 712,000.

NFL: Sunday 1 p.m., CTV, regional telecast, 579,000

Sunday prime time, Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles, TSN, 598,000.

Basketball: Toronto Raptors-New Orleans Hornets, Friday, TSN, 380,000. A good Raptors audience.

Auto racing: NASCAR Dickies 500, 383,000.

Breeders’ Cup: Saturday, TSN, 326,000.

Figure skating: Grand Prix Japan, 2 p.m. ET Saturday, CBC, 249,000; Sunday, 314,000.

Speed skating: Short track World Cup, 5 p.m. ET, CBC, Saturday: 240,000; Sunday, 214,000.

Soccer: Aston Villa-Bolton, Sportsnet nationally, Saturday morning, 76,000.

CFL really needs to consider putting games on Sundays on a regular basis, they consistantly beat the big bad NFL everytime they go head to head.

Ha has pathetic numbers.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The CFL is going to cash in big time in three years time when time for a new television deal.
These are some great numbers, I think its safe to say, the CFL is stronger then its ever been. Attendance rivals 1983 levels in a recession and unparalleled television numbers, this league is indeed very strong.

Hopefully the BOG, CFLPA realizes this and can come to an agreement before training camp starts!

People prefer watching horses run vs soccer :lol:

Granted it was the breeders cup but still that`s some weak ratings. Then again the score has became a mediocre network in recent months, the times are definitely tough for that network.

Awesome numbers and again like some of us have been saying since the last TV deal was signed, the league and specifically Tom Wright got taken to the cleaners at the current amount.
The next has to be the jackpot at $50M annually.
Of note, the Stamps-Riders game went up against HNIC and still drew a crazy in excess of 1M.

When is the tv contract up?

Two more years to go.

Then after the two years: $$$!

....hopefully split between at least nine teams.

To be fair to soccer, it was on in the early morning, it's a non-North American league, AND it was Aston Villa vs Bolton. That's like an English person getting excited over the Atlanta Thrashers playing Pheonix in the NHL in the middle of the night.

I still don't understand why certain people feel the need to poke fun at a league for getting low ratings... makes 'em feel better, I don't know... but I'm sure there was a time when the CFL was struggling. Personally, I think it's petty.

:thup: Yup...

Are this guy's numbers the final ratings? I notice they are different from that other guy's overnight rating.

Yup the time has definitely come for more TV revenue.

Last night, I was reading the book: The Saskatchewan Roughriders, the First 100 Years (great read by the way). In the section on the Riders in the 80's, they mentioned the Riders got 1.3 million in 1983.

If I do my math, at 15 million a year in the current deal, teams are getting 1.66 million/year (thats assuming the CFL and each of the 8 teams take an equal cut, and I'm not sure thats even the case).

It was shocking to see. 1.3 million went a heck of a lot farther 25 years ago than it does today!!

The CFL HAS to get better money from TV given the kind of viewership it gets.

I hope that wasn't directed to me. I was alluding to the fact the score has fallen off the charts in recent months. Most soccer fans watch sportsnet anyways.

Where is NFL Sunday Ticket? Also how do they differentiate between games watched in sports bars? If an NFL game and CFL game are on at the same time, then where do they come up with the numbers?

I can be as elementary as stating those numbers. Let's say the (nationally televised) CFL game was watched evenly between 'Hamilton' and 'Winnipeg'. How does that make the NFL game less watched in a regional telecast?

I think what that means is that at 1:00 PM Eastern all across the country there was an NFL game on CTV, but not the same one for all. For example, CTV Vancouver could be showing a Seahawks game, while CTV Toronto could be showing a Bills game. But I think (again, emphasis on think, correct me if I'm wrong) that 579,000 number is the sum from all those different games, that were played at the same time. Meaning there were 579,000 people watching an NFL game, but not necessarily the same NFL game.

I've also started thinking that given the choice between having CFL games on Sundays or Saturday nights, the CFL should choose Sunday. CFL TV ratings consistently beat NFL ratings, but I doubt they beat Hockey Night in Canada ratings...

My digital service shows 6 CTV regions and there's at least one more since I can't see Montreal's. If you're right, then another elementary split suggests that 80K were watching per region. Possible, but you have to split Hamilton vs. Winnipeg just the same.

I am really stoked to see the stampeders drew more viewers then the flames. thats pretty rad. But then again, i guess it was the rangers and the stamps had the riders… but there was a lot of controversy since it was sean avery’s return.

The cfl is not quite where it was in the early eighties… not until the 8 million views it had for grey cup is surpassed(found on grey cup website). BUt i beleive that day will come again.

I'd say it's unlikely that you'd reach that level ever again - there is too much channel/audience dilution nowadays. Which in itself makes the current TV ratings all the more impressive, since they were gained against much greater competition.