Last Turkeybend GobblePowerRankings


Season is done. Lots of drama, comebacks and surprises. But how does it all pan out for the last TurkeyPowerRankings:

  1. Calgary Stampeders- Stamps have to be the favourites to win it all. Best talent on paper in the league and guaranteed a home playoff Western Final and the Grey Cup to be played in the Stamps province just up the road. No excuses this year Stamps. Henry needs to show up two times in a row.

  2. Montreal Alouettes- A no show game against Toronto resting everyone that matters. Anthony C. can cement his legacy if he leads the Als to and win the Grey Cup again on the road out west. The Als have not dominated lately and one wonders???

  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders- Capable of beating Calgary as they have proved in the recent and distant past. Although their defence is not what it was last year, the offence is capable of the big play at any time and can score quickly. Durant will have to do it all as likely the opposition will score points against the Riders. Tough game against a confident B.C. team but home crowd will help and Durant is the wildcard factor. No contain of Durant allowing him to improvise on the fly could be the end to the Lions season.

  4. B.C. Lions- Quite a run to get in. Lions owe the Riders supper though. As I said all along , sometimes to deaf ears of Lions fans, Lulay is destined to be a star in this league. Can the defence and special teams do it on the road again in Regina. Look for an exciting game going down to the Wire. Wildcard factor for the Lions is Yunnus Davis and the kick return special teams guy. He breaks one / some could be the difference in a close game.

  5. Toronto Argos- HOw they are here is a testament to team play. They defy logic as their offence is mediocre. They looked better than Hamilton this week therefore they are here at number 5.

  6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- I question Coach B. leaving in his starters in the 2nd half. The Ti-Cats looked very good in the first half against B.C. Rest them and take the momentum into the next (playoff ) game. And, give your backup QB, Porter, a chance to get some reps in case Glenn gets hurt in the playoff game. Lost another starting receiver in the 2nd half and the offence looked pathetic . Bad move Coach B. and staff.

  7. Edmonton Esks.- Sadly likely Ricky Ray and Coach Hall will be gone. Ray to the Argos , Hall will be picked up by someone or take on another role with the Eskimos. Ricky Ray is a smart good qb. but lacks the emotional part of the game to inspire his teammates. His days are numbered in Edmonton. A good run to end the year but still huge holes in the lineup.

  8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Coach LaPolice learned lots this year and their record does not reflect the ability of this team.
    Coach L. will get another shot at it but who will be the QB??????????????????????????????

Playoffs Predictions:

  1. East Semis- Argos win on a fluke
  2. West Semis- Riders win a very close one when B.C. gets called for too many men on the field after a missed Rider field goal enabling a second successful chance. You all know the score.!!!!!! :roll: :wink: :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

do the riders even still have a team????

Sure they do. And don't discount the impact the crowd has, you know, the 14th man?


Yup they sure do, try looking up in the standings above the lions.

:lol: :thup:

the operative word is "still".

Yes the riders DID have a team and that team got high enough ahead of the lions during the first two thirds of the season to stay there.

However, it appears that they needed to send in the huskies to finish off the season for them. :twisted:

  1. Calgary - Grey Cup favourites.

  2. Saskatchewan - If Calgary doesn't win it, it's because last week was not a one shot deal, the giant awoke.

  3. Hamilton - Best shot in the East. They've beat Montreal who are floundering and the Argos can't beat them.

  4. Montreal - Sunday's practice aside, they've looked very beatable for weeks. The defending champs won't play a second playoff game this year.

  5. Toronto - Could beat Hamilton, could beat Montreal and could unbelievably win the Grey Cup. Most likely scenario they lose to Hamilton in a close game.

  6. BC - Edmonton had a chance in the West. Saskatchewan will crush this team. Only 6 because they made the playoffs and......

  7. Edmonton - To little to late.

  8. Winnipeg - The best you can say is they were not as bad as the Argos were last year.

East semi - Hurts to say but.........Hamilton. Go Argos.
West semi - Saskatchewan, should make the Argo/Montreal game from yesterday look like a playoff game.

Montreal are underdogs?

I love it!

prepare to be surprised then

You're way off the mark. The CFL's official Power Rankings have the Bombers in 3rd place and the Riders in last place...where they belong! :thup:

I wouldn't call them underdogs. Based on record and stats they are the favourites in the East. My personal opinion is they won't make the Grey Cup, but the Al's and Clagary are the favourites to meet in the big game.