Last TSN CFL post by Schultz: A tough season

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"If there's one thing I miss about the CFL, it's the punt and kick returns for touchdowns. We saw a lot of them last season. This year, we hardly saw anything. Now my thoughts on this matter may seem a bit drastic, but how about making it illegal to punt the ball out of bounds? If the ball goes out of bounds, give the offending team a 25-yard penalty from the spot where the ball landed. There is nothing more boring than two plays and a punt followed by, well, two plays and a punt! Look at last Friday's Argos-Riders game as an example. Granted, many critics will be asking, "What do you want Chris? Two to four touchdowns scored like that in every game?" Well in a word, yes! I want drama. I want the lead to change. I want a team that's down by 14 to make it a seven-point game with one score on one play.

Let's simplify the rules. If your head is in front of a player who is covering the kick, it is a legal block. If your head is behind or at the side of a player who is covering the kick, it is an illegal block. In my opinion, the best attackers in the game are the punt and kick returners. It takes courage, skill and quickness to do their job, and they are sure fun to watch. There is nothing wrong with a returner getting 10 touchdowns that way in an 18-game schedule. For me, that's 10 exciting plays that we could have seen this year, not to mention all the punts that the returner was tackled on in the last moments. Points, lead changes, speed and the possibility of either team winning is what makes CFL football so great in the fourth quarter."

I agree with him 100%

well geee..


As for penalty on punting out of bounds, it should just be the same as for kickoffs.

25 yrds is insane.

also i think we should give the qb 3 steamboats before we rush him. this will enable him to find his reciever and produce a lot of touchdowns. lol. come on i disagree. being able to punt the ball out of bounds is strategy that a coach uses to keep a dangerous guy at bay. like double teaming a good reciever are we gonna ban that? the games fine its already crazy that we have to give 5 yards. thats why a kr for a touchdown is so exciting b/c its hard to do.

its already crazy that we have to give 5 yards.
thats not crazy, just unamerican

i like the rule in theory i just hate the flags that constantly get thrown because a guy is 4 yards away or the ball takes a crazy bounce and the returner jumps on it and it draws a flag. i think as long as the punt team is not moving forward but is in the 5 yard halo there shouldnt be a penalty or as long as the player is making an effort to get out of the halo dont throw a flag. oh well.

I think it is supposed to be that way, but in the refs opinion, and mine usually, the players just are not making enough of an effort to get back. I often watch in amazement at how the ball bounces around, how much time they have to get away, and yet they just hope around with the ball without moving back. Do these players not have enough brain cells to comprehend this idea or what :roll:

Personally, it think once the ball hits the ground, it should become as a kickoff or fumble, a free ball for all. This forces the receiver to make a better effort to catch the ball, also increases actual fumbles with can create excitement as well. Also would greatly reduce cheap no yards penalties.

I like this idea a lot, for the reasons outlined by Schultz. There was a similar thread on the old boards last winter, and I suggested something like the kick-off rules for punting: if the ball lands out of bounds, penalize the kicking the team. That way, you ensure there is some return game. If the ball lands in bounds, but rolls out, then no penalty. That way, you reward punters who have the accuracy to make the "coffin corners." And one last tweak: rule that a kick out of bounds is a defensive penalty so that a team can't kick the ball out of bounds on the last play of the game.

Seems to me the Board of Governors considered something like this in the spring, but decided to make no changes this year. Anyone remember what their exact proposal was?

I like the "coffin corner" kick thing.

I shudderat the thought of getting to the point of a "fair catch" rule, as the Cdn game is much better than this.

Some rule re-alignment on blocking and such should be made to get some of the "zip" back into our game.

I don't know if it was just the rule change. Often times on those Argo runbacks I saw a whole lot of holding that was never called, maybe the refs are just getting more liberal with the flags, so teams are smartening up.

I don't have an answer but one thing I know for sure about the punting game is this: what the CFL needs to do is something as significant as what the NHL did in removing the red line which now allows long breakout passes. The CFL needs to do something this significant with punting so we don't lose what has arguably been the CFL's ace-in-the-hole as a real entertainment tool. Right now, we've lost this.

Personally I like the un-american part of our game (NFL is boring until the last 2 minutes normally) and I would support a 10-15 yard penalty for booting the ball out of bounds without it hitting a player or the field.

After seeing the level of officiating deteriorate this past year I wouldn't reccommend anyone holding their breath to see any changes imo.

Cheers & have a Happy and Safe Halloween


the cfl is entertaining the way it is. i dont think they should change anything. the refs already let virtually all form of rape on the punt return blocking. seriuosly i watch the potential tackler basically piggy back these guys down the field. although i do think the proposal of only penalizing the guy if the ball is kicked directly out of bounds is a good one. if it rolls out no penalty. but i am a huge believer in if it aint broke dont fix it. i hate that the nhl changed the game for the fans. all stats and records are compromised.

Yes, penalize the punter if it goes directly out of bounds, I agree. But the NHL has done the right thing, hockey is defining what it should have been all along, a compromise between basketball and football. In hockey, hitting should be secondary since even if you put the guy with puck on his arse, the play continues unlike football where it stops. If you want blocking, tackling and hitting on every play, football is the game. Problem in hockey was that before too many guys were on their arse or being clutched and grabbed for no reason, the play keeps going. Now it is more about position and skill, with still some good body checks here and there. Bettman and company done good although it will take years to fully get the new NHL in everyones minds. They are only about 10% completed. But they had the guts to get hockey out of the " wow, look at the elbow Gordie Howe just did and no penalty" days. No disrespect to Mr. Howe here at all.

Or if you want to cut down the blocking from behind penalties on punt returns just allow the returner the option to raise his arm and say "fair catch", the team gets the ball where he catches, there is no run back.
I believe they do this in other leagues.

mikem, is this "fair catch" you speak of the same thing as what I've heard others call this, something along the lines of "wimp catch don't hit me pleassh"? :lol:

we dont want to be like other leagues. This is CANADIAN football league.