Last time the Esks missed the playoffs in 2 straight seasons

Since people like to look back on these things here's a look at what happened in the world when the Eskimos last missed the playoffs two years running- 1964-1965:

-Lester Pearson is the Prime Miniser of Canada(64-65)

-Lyndon Johnson is the President of the US(64-65)

  • the Olympic games are held in Innsbruck, Austria, and Tokyo, Japan(1964)

  • three Civil Rights workers are murdered in Mississippi(1964)

  • Malcolm X is shot and killed in NYC(1965)

  • A new learning system called BASIC(Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is introduced(1964)

  • Stanley Cup Winners:
    Toronto Maple Leafs(1964)
    Montreal Canadiens(1965)

  • World Series Winners
    St. Louis Cardinals(1964)
    Los Angeles Dodgers(1965)

  • the Beatles release "I Want to Hold Your Hand", sparking Beatlemania(1964)

  • The Rolling Stones release Satisfaction(1965)

  • NFL Champions:
    Cleveland Browns(1964)
    Green Bay Packers(1965)

  • the Candian dollar was worth 1.07

If anyone has any other interesting tidbits feel free to add to it.

I find the $1.07 dollar rather interesting

Hmm. Looks like there was some good and some bad. Interesting post. :slight_smile:

So that's the REAL reason why the Canadian Dollar is so high! It's all due to the Eskimos!

- the Candian dollar was worth 1.07
why is it that when the dollar was at 1.06 something, they said it was the highest in 130yrs??

When was the last time both edmonton and montreal were out of the playoffs? Cant wait for that to happen.

Find it kind of strange you put the NFL champions on and not the Grey Cup Champions. You a closet NFL fan.
Lions 1964
Hamilton 1965

I was going to put that in but I forgot to... :oops:

Leafs won the cup??? this is ancient!

I was born!!(1965) :smiley:

No problem Sambo.
1964 the new Canadian flag was approved.
Norhtern Dancer won the Kentucky Derby.
1965 the NHL went from 6 teams to 12.

1965? I thought the NHL didnt expand until 1967...

Thats what it said when I looked it up.Maybe thats when they announced it?

Because whoever you were listening to was wrong.
Or because FootbalYoubet was wrong on the numbers.

What's the point?

Careful, Corney will be on here taking credit for that! :wink:

just goes to show, never beleive what you hear on the news.

It could be FYB, that the dollar was hundredths(1.078 i.e.) of cents higher than in 1964, thus breaking the record.

Because currency traders and the Bank of Canada don’t recognize the same numbers, due to the dollar going through differing periods of being on a fixed exchange rate vs a floating one (what we have now).

Wow the Leafs won the Cup back then eh? Bet that doesn't happen again for at least another 100 years.