Last time I checked

Is there not more to this team then a guy signing here with a dark past. Can we not talk about the other 70 plus guys trying to make the team

I’m with you!

All this point/counterpoint about Manziel is so repetitive it’s like watching a top spin.

I’d like to read about the O line, DB’s, etc. Something other that the over the top posts by the “ American Johnny come lately? telling us how easy the CFL is.

Funny how I was thinking the same thing. It is a team sport after all.
Can someone with some qualification, provide an analysis on the O-line and D-line.

Do we have the stud on D, making life miserable for opposition QBs?

Who will be returning punts and kicks, now that speedy b is on offense?

What did you expect, this is what you get. In his defense Johnny has been a pro and is doing his part to learn the game. He is a media sensation and along with that comes lots of press coverage

Yup . I 100% agree with you . The last time I checked our team name was the Tiger-Cats not the Johnny-Cats . The last time I also checked it was the Canadian Football League not the Johnny Football League . It's really getting to the point of ad nauseam with all this "Johnny does this and Johnny does that " over the top hype since he signed his contract and even before that . It's really getting to the point of ludicrous . On the main page alone they have no less than 10 articles on this guy that all basically say the same thing . Over at 3DN they have no less than 8 articles alone on this guy and 8 different photos depicting him in one way or another on their home page . All this , for a guy who has yet to play a down of Football or even throw a pass in this league or for that matter throw a pass in any league since 2015 (and no , sorry but the Beer League Fantasy thingy he did doesn't count . )

I'm just wondering... but is there any other players that are actually at T.Camp besides this guy ? ???
Flame me if you want but the fawning and the worshipping at the altar of this guy above all others is absolutely laughable and mindbogglingly to say the least . Correct me if I'm wrong but the last time I checked a CFL roster consists of 46 players.....not just 1 player and oh ya 45 other guys who shall remain nameless .

Ya screw the 10x more media coverage that will have a significantly high ammount of people tuning in and potentially becoming fans of the cfl.

There are articles on the Ticat website talking about other players, including the signing of one of our first round picks.

The media, including (especially?) 3downnation, is a bit fixated on Manziel, feeding the frenzy that's already there or simply reacting to it.

The forum? Not sure what you expect. If you have any info on these topics you mention, I'm sure everyone would be interested OK, maybe not everyone. :wink:

3 of the last 10 articles on the cats page are of him. That's 7 other things to read

Some examples

some more examples . ???Wash, rinse, repeat . ::slight_smile:

There's also an interesting thread here with news / pics from training camp.

Hmm. TheJohnny-Cats does have a really nice ring to it…

How about the “Sassy-Cats”? They can switch to pink and white as colours.

There's an idea for the month of October when it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and they usually add pink gloves and pink socks. Why not go all-in?

You used a tag.... Who would have thought tagging him would pull up all the articles about him.. I'm dumbfounded..

Should write into and the nfl radio station and demand they do articles on other players..

It will settle down soon. It's like getting a new girlfriend. You want to show her off to all your friends and family members...then the reality of the situation sets in.

Let's face it though, it is a story.

They were all from the same main page . Tagging him just made it simpler then linking 10 separate articles . I will admit though that today's new main page on the site has got quite a different variety of articles on other players and issues around the CFL other than Manziel . Although he still is featured in the main article on the page .

Just in case you might've missed reading it , here is the link......

LOL !!! Sounds like a name you'd hear for a Jazz band . 8) ;D

I suspect it might have been the cat litter brand that was behind the suggestion. I could be wrong.