Last time a player had a DOUBLE-DOUBLE (100 yds rec, 100 yds rushing)

Andrew Harris did it last nite in Winnipeg before nearly 40,000 spectators - another 2 or 3 million watching in Canada, USA & Mexico.

Can't remember the last time this was accomplished - buts its perplexing CFL statisticians!

My main candidates go back nearly 65 years - - - - I'll start w/ most recent possibility

  1. The Cornish Game Hen - Jon Cornish

  2. Pinner - Pinball Clemons

  3. Tricky Dicky - Dick Thornton (wpg & Toronto)

  4. The Knife - Dave Raimey (Wpg & Toronto, 60s, to 70s); mostly a RB but possibly could have caught a couple screens and turned them into major yardage.

  5. Mini-Mack - Mack Heron - the drug lord of the early 70s in Wpg (basically a shorter version of Raimey, although Raimey wasn't known for drugging up)

  6. Chas. Roberts - The Little Man played a long time in Wpg - tough to think he didn't turn at least one double-double.

  7. Jackie Parker - working as a RB/WR in the early part of his career

  8. Ronnie Stewart - the little fireplug Ottawa RB

  9. Willy Fleming - the amazing BC Lions RB that Angela Mosca put outta business

  10. George Reed - The King of CFL Gridirons

  11. Willy Burden - a Calgary version of Geo. Reed

  12. Mike Pringle

  13. Dick Shatto

  14. That sask'n monster back who fell prey to injury a few years back

  15. Lovell Coleman, Cal

  16. Rollie Miles, Edm

  17. Normie Kwong, the china clipper, probably played too early to get involved in much of a passing game

  18. ???? Your guess as good as mine!

How does a stadium that holds just over 33,000, with several thousand empty seats have 40,000? The answer is it didn't. Maybe 30,000.

My little database of CFL statistics only has data back to 2004, but I did write the SQL query to get the information in question:

  • On 2017-08-17, Andrew Harris (WPG) gathered 120 yards receiving and 105 yards rushing
  • On 2010-07-29, Avon Cobourne (MTL) gathered 116 yards receiving and 115 yards rushing
  • On 2008-08-15, Avon Cobourne (MTL) did it again with 103 yards receiving and 107 yards rushing
  • On 2006-08-19, Kenton Keith (SSK) gathered 101 yards receiving and 148 yards rushing

Nice. I was wondering if Jesse Lumsden might've done it in his brief career.

Surprised Cornish isn't listed. Jesse 'The Body' Lumsden had a very short career - but was an amazing monster when he was able to go. Trouble is I don't remember him getting more than 2 or 3 touches as a receiver - so he would have had to average 33 to 50 yds per touch to get 100 yds receiving.

More interested in players from the mid 50s to late 80s.

Also, Kory Sheets was the guy I thought did it but Sully says Kenton Keith so be it.

May have to go to old game-sheets to find out about Reed, Raimey, Pinball, Ronnie Stewart, Shatto, Lovell Coleman, Willy Fleming, etc.

I'm surprised about Cornish too. I checked and he has one game on 2013-07-26 where he did 87 receiving yards and 88 rushing yards, but that's about it.

I am going to do a hard push to import data from prior to 2004 into this database (that feeds the website) in the offseason. I love this stuff.

Sully - love to see all existing game sheets published into a database - either via photographic technique (always a bit blurry at the edges) or the more time-consuming method of data transfer!

Would be great to go back in time and look at various game stats!

I seem to recall Lumsden taking some screen passes for long TD runs, which I thought might've put him up around 100 receiving yards.
Robert Drummond is another one from the 90s Argos teams that might've done it. He took a lot of Flutie shovel passes and put up good numbers.

Wouldn't that be called a double-triple?

Quoted from a Stats Junkie

Other #Bombers with 100 yards rushing & receiving in same game Charles Roberts, Robert Mimbs & Richard

12:07 PM - 18 Aug 2017

The obvious one I missed was Leo Lewis - who legendary Winnipeg & Vikings head coach Bud Grant called the best player I've ever had the pleasure of coaching.

Lewis was an amazing runner - a wistful combination of Gale Sayers and George Reed and was a super competent pass receiver. The only problem with Bud Grant offenses was they were a short possession offense that moved 20 to 40 yds each possession but didn't really accumulate massive yardage. Sometimes QB Kenny Ploen would just take 2 x 2.5 yd dives, let the punter (Choo Choo or Ed Ulmer) punt the crap out of the pigskin and watch as his amazing defense throttled opposition offenses. If Lewis played for any other team in the CFL his stats would have been truly monsterous - but Grant rationed use of The Lincoln Locomotive!

Along the same lines; will a CFL player ever get 1000 yards rushing and receiving in a season?

As far as Johnny knows, it has never happened in the CFL, and twice in the NFL: Roger Craig, Marshall Faulk.