last Ti-cat Winnipeg game tape

I was curious to see why and how we lost 38-28 to the Peg the last time we saw them in Hamilton so I reviewed the game.
As suspected, Porter started the game and we were down 14-0 before Glenn was put in to stop the bleeding.
The game ended up being a 10 point difference as noted.
The peg seems to have two strong weapons, both deep threats on either corner.
If we can shut Bowman and Ralph down, we will have a better chance at hosting a home play off game.
Doc 8)

You never give up a chance to bash Porter, do you.

He DID win 4 games for us, unless you have forgotten, or had blinders on, or simply chose to ignore them...

Not bashing anyone, just stating some facts.

No tape needed.

I was at the game and quite sure it wasn't Porter in the secondary who was getting shredded by Bishop.

Everyone had a hand in that debacle.

He was the starting QB in four games we won.

Don’t forget Terrence Edwards and Titus Ryan. I think Ralph is the least of our worries :lol:

Good point, however Ralph has good speed and height and he did score a nice touchdown going deep on the right side.