last-second field goal lifts Argos over Ticats for second-straight win

HAMILTON —  Boris Bede‘s last-minute field goal lifted the Toronto Argonauts over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 24-23.

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Well I not one to complain or blame referees for a loss, however in this case, I have to blame the refs and the replay officials!! The FG Tor kicked right before halftime clearly wide!!! It wasn't reviewed or discussed by the referees! The late hit on the QB penalty Hamilton received later in the game was a terrible call as well!! Instead of Toronto having to punt, they were given the first down, and went on to score a TD on that drive. 10 pts gifted to the Argos, the late hit I can deal with, just a bad call, the missed FG being called good, that's a little harder to accept! It's not just a loss, it's a loss of first place tie, it could have big playoff implications, it's a possible loss of a playoff bye and/or a playoff home game! Tigercats were robbed of 2 pts tonight, and it was quite obvious!! Stuff like that is not good for the league!! That was an obvious missed call, and the CFL should be embarassed because they really messed up, and it could have some pretty serious consequences for the Tigercats!! Pretty disappointing to say the least!

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Great game for the Argo's
Congratulations on your victory

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All but one of the games this week were terrific. Well done CFL. Only that blowout in Winnipeg was a stinker.

But at least it was OUR stinker. :smiley: :+1:

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Your a karzy Adze.
Go Obama Go........ wait what?
Go Bombers Go

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That was an EXCITING finish ......... CFL style can't ask for any more better than that

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It was not an obvious miss but in such a close game I can see many Hamilton fans being upset

Hamilton did not challenge it though did they...

Hamilton fans constantly taunt Toronto and its fans with "Toronto Sucks, Toronto Sucks"
Well - Guess who and what team Sucks today and last week??
Hint: It ain't the Argos


Scoring play.

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I find that hard to believe you think Hamilton fans are winnie tots.
They generally come across as such friendly folks. IMHO.

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Yup that's what I was pointing to
Article 3
Scoring and potential scoring plays

One of the Greatest Thanksgivings ever.
ARR-gos win, Ticats (with Masoli) lose.
Wah - wah.

The field goal goal was :100: WIDE :question: The refs threw way to many flags on the night. 11 for the Argos for 105 yards & 6 for 57 yards for the Cats.

P.S. Coach Steinauer should file a protest to the league office ! Can a field goal call be challenged :question: