Last Play off spot

Although statistically both the Argo's and Ti-Cats could fall from the play offs - that's not likely. So it basically comes down to 3 teams chasing the last spot ( third in the west ). BC currently is 2 points up but both Winnipeg and Edmonton are only 2 points behind them with 4 games remaining

BC's game are Edmonton and Sask at home ... Calgary and Hamilton on the road

Edmonton's are Sask and Winnipeg at home .... BC and Sask on the road

Winnipeg's are Toronto and Calgary at home ..... Montreal and Edmonton on the road

Not sure if Edmonton can pull it off but Winnipeg might.. 8)

It's hard to imagine any of those teams making the playoffs. I suspect it might just come down to the games those teams play against each other to decide who gets the last spot. Of the three I'd say winnipeg is the least bad but as the crossover team they have an uphill battle to get into the playoffs

this is one of those years where its kind of embarrasing to be a fan of this league.

1 -3 teams are going to make the playoffs with a losing record. and 1 team will make the playoffs with a terrible record.

theres really nothing the league can do until more teams are added, thus ensuring the 6 teams that do make the playoffs have .500 records or better.

It only bothers me that a terrible team makes the playoffs when it somehow makes it all the way to the big show.

What was the last team with a losing record to win the GC?

I think calgary in 2001

in points foragainst, wpg is 4th in the league. They might just be the best team to miss the playoffs since before the crossover. And I was thinking that before todays game.

1981 was almost a catastrophic embarrassment - Edmonton at 14-1-1 just beats Ottawa for the GC ( 26-23 ) who had a 5-11 record

that year the Al's at 3-13 made the playoffs over Sask who was 9-7. If memory serves me correct wasn't this the season that started the cross over debate?

93 a 4-14 Ottawa made the playoffs and lost in the first round

97 an 8-10 Riders made it to the GC game before loosing in a blowout

sometimes those teams that are 8-10 and get to the playoffs find their game right near the end!

look at the 1989 Riders who won the Grey Cup..

they got their players back just before the playoffs and hit their stride!

they pulled off 2 great upsets and then won the big Game!

they were a much better team than their 9-9 record indicated.

That's what happens when there's parity in the league. There isn't that one team that everybody beats up to pad their wins.
Usually 8 wins gets you to the playoffs, this year 7 (maybe even 6) could get you in. Essentially if BC beats Edmonton next week, they win the season series and Winnipeg needs to get more points than BC to get the crossover.
Go figure.

Having said that with a 9 team league, it would almost reduce the odds of what's happening this year to occur.
That's why I can't wait for Ottawa to come back.

The team that wins on Saturday wll take the last playofff spot, then will beat the Riders.

The team that wins on Saturday wll take the last playofff spot, then will beat the Riders.
Anything could happen in the playoffs - only a fool would declare play off wins at this point :cowboy:

Edmonton is done. So Winterpig needs to out right beat the Lieons in the standing and can't be tied for wins. So odds aee that the Lions get third place.

Who's declaring a playoff win, I'm declaring a playoff loss. Can't declare a win until Saturday.

The Bombers would likely need a win against one of Calgary/Montreal at the very least. It's certainly possible but they need some help.

The Bombers only hope is a cross-over to the west. They have lost the season series to both Hamilton and Toronto so they would have to finish AHEAD of those teams. Very unlikely.

One of the two teams would have to lose their remaining four games (both can't lose all four because they play this week) and Winnipeg would have to win all four. I would be stunned if that happened.

Nope, B.C. still needs a win this Saturday as does Edmonton. Another great week of football coming up none the less.

Bombers are going to be cheering for Edmonton this week then hope both teams drop the rest of their games. That is dependant on Winnipeg winning as well. It'll be tough, especially with the Calgary and Montreal games but Winnipeg has shown it can dance with both those teams.

It's likely the playoff spot is going to the Lions, but we'll see this is fun!!

I don't know. I can't really see them getting by the Stamps in the west semi before playing the Riders. :lol:

Its almost expected a losing team will always make the playoffs since there are not enough teams to even out.
The standings are a mirror image of each other (only diff this year is east is actually the stronger div & the fact there is no team in the league that could go undefeated or winless).

Montreal 10-4
Winnipeg 4-10

Toronto 7-7
Hamilton 7-7

Calgary 10-4
Edmonton 4-10

Sask 9-5
BC 5-9