Last play of the game

Could be crying over spilled milk, but did it not appear that Bauman was badly interfered with on the last play of the game? The play where Printers aired it out downfield. If flagged, it would have meant a first down at about the 25 yard-line and one more crack at the endzone. Of course TSN went to commercial and didn't show any replays. Now, I can't seem to get TSN VOD to work so that I can view it again. Has anyone viewed this play a 2nd time?

Ya, TSN hasn't added this weeks games to the library yet. When they do, I'll definitely be looking at it. I was in the stands but was so fuming about the previous turn of events that I didn't fully concentrate on the last play.

As you mentioned; it would be crying over spilled milk, maybe I should do myself a favor and forget about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I've heard reports that it looked more like Bauman was trying to draw the flag rather than actually being interfered with ?

I'm sure Coach Taaffe is going to be going to the League with game films of this game.
As fans, we need to put it behind ourselves and accept that our team played hard and well enough to win.
Lets quit the backward navel gazing and get on with how we can deal with Calgary on Thursday

Agreed Lifter

Why so sure Taaffe is going to include this play in any and that's if any forwards to the league? Why not make a stink about a potentially very controvesial play if that play is indeed that? Why should we settle for bush league refereering if that is what indeed it is? It's a professional league and they should be held accountable. I see no problem in questioning a crucial, potentially game deciding non-call on the last play of the game. I mean come on it's not like this kind of thing hasn't happened over and over again with certain refereeing.
My question was if this was a badly interfered non-call on Bauman then it should have been called. Nobody including you has seen the play a 2nd time, so how can you be so sure it was the proper non-call? It might have been and it might not have been. Do we not want the calls to improve and for future games? It appeared like outright interference. (I mean one of the refs had no problem calling the Cats for "holding" on the very previous play...try finding that in the replay. We know of course "holding" could be called on every play according to Schultzy) Before anyone deems it was the right call w/o seeing it a 2nd time, or the "let's just forget about it" philosophy, let's question it and hold them accountable, I say....even TSN for not showing the replay. I agree not to dwell on a loss. Focus on the positive and learn from the mistakes. But, like we have seen many times before, non-calls and phantom calls can decide games. Let's get the refereeing on track before we see the things we've seen in the past, over and over again this season.

seriously, the league needs to stop worrying about drug testing, salary cap,buffalo bills, and spend more time and money on the video replay system, when to challenge, and officiating.

Heres the 4th quarter on TSN's website if anyone wants to view the last play.
Just skip ahead..
direct link:

Nobody here said that it was the right call.
I am certainly not certain, and I am definitely not a lover of the zebra gods.
I am certain the coaching staff will review it with a magnifying glass and share their concerns with the league powers that be.
I also think that any complaints here will not get far.
That said, if I get a second look that clearly shows defensive interference, I'll be posting my displeasure.

thanks for the link, kind of hard to tell from that look. A defender is allowed to defend his territory, which is what it looked like to me, but as I said hard to tell from that clip.

ditto, thanks for the link,
I hope the league has better video than that to work with, if not, no wonder the refs can "hide" their incompetence.

Me too.

here ya go!

At the stadium I thought it looked like interference, but once I got home and saw the tape, I also concluded the defender was merely defending his territory.

Haha. Watch Woodard on that play.

How did you find that? All I can get is the first quarter. I'd like to see the 2nd and 3rd too if possible :wink:

First quarter:
Second quarter:
Third quarter:
Fourth quarter:

Thank you so much.. I've been looking for these all day.

I would have to agree with u why is it when there is holding on every play the 2nd to last play of the game a ref calls holding

wait until right after the play and listen to what the commentators say that will give u the answer