Last Play FG Attempt

OK, so Coach Berry has has his team attempt a field goal on the last play of the game instead of a kneel down...

I understand that points scored will be counted should a tie break situation occur between the two teams, but does anyone remember what Coach Berry and Coach Marshall did on national TV last season when Don Matthews did a similar thing to them? Remember them giving the finger live on CBC?

They whine when it is done to them, but they have no problem doing it to someone else...

It's not a good way to run up the score especially since a missed Field goal from that distance has a chance to be returned all the way.

It's not just rude, it's bad coaching.

no, no, I'm just saying that it's funny that last year, this brought out a middle finger from Berry, but this year he has no problem doing it to someone else...

what a difference a year makes!

…Bad coaching…i believe Berry was on the winning end of that one… :roll:

....the pts. do matter.....what comes from the sidelines with regards to insults doesn't....i don't recall Berry giving the Cats the finger.....but i do remember the little quote from last yr. from Ham......something to do with the Cats place in the standings ....and being from the Peg....hey we can take it....and give it...i guess it all depends on whose ox is getting gored.... :lol: :lol: :wink:

he must have been testing westwood, seeing how big of a leg he has... but anyways it doesnt really matter we won the game anyways

He won the game but it was a stupid move to make from that distance. I never said he was a bad coach, it was a poor decision none the less.

No it wasnt, perfect decision in my eyes. Racking up the points for the season series, and testing westwood. Bad coaching? Dont think so.

Does it matter? no it doesnt.

it was a bad call and a horrible way to end the game. they did it just to test the leg of westwood but it really hurt to watch the ti-cats hae a chacne to score and they played great until late and did not deserve the slap in the face like that.

I just hope Troy doesn't go into one of his famous funks after missing the thing...

…after he booted that single on the kick-off…i think Westy was getting back on track…making that 54 yd. field-goal would have been a stretch…but hey…he gave it a good shot… :thup: :lol:

Especially after taking a knee on second down, why not at least try to get it into the centre of the field for him ? The only thing that makes sense is that he had made up his mind before then to have Westwood try it from there. I don’t think his ultimate goal was to get the points, otherwise you would think, he would have tried to get a little more on second down or at least get it in the centre of the field. He must of had a reason for wanting Westwood to kick it from where it was and not just for the chance at the points. Beats me ?

ya maybe if we got a few more yards it wouldnt have been such a stretch and if they did want the points why would you kick from so far away. on second down give it to roberts and try to get a few yards to get in better position

I think there's a difference depending on if it's the home team or visitors. When I pay for a ticket I expect to see my team running, throwing, catching, blocking, tackling and kicking. So long as there is time on the clock I don't don't expect guys to book off early.

A visiting team should never run up the score on the last play out of respect for the fans if not for the opponant. The home team should have licence to put on as much of a display as possible for the home fans.

ill admit, by Berry doin that, thats no class..they had taken a knee the play before that and then last play they go for a field goal, doesnt look nice. But hey its not like Hamilton had a shot at winning the game after Roberts scored in the 4th quarter, and that field goal..well tryin to put more points on the to me it was a good call, but aswell a bad call,

Revenge is sweet. Imagine how many times the Cats players watched that bush league field goal attempt.

Points are not going to matter in the tie break, Cats are going to have a winning record over the bombers.