last peice of the puzzle

I think that the puzzle is almost complete but what I want to know is that if all of the other rookies are fitting into their spots and making big improvments , Timmy Chang is our future yet we still have not givin him a chance to start it's not like we could do any worse it's not like Maas is finding the endzone and if he dose it's to late.

This thread is not about bashing Maas the rest of the team is finding their chemistry so why are we still going with Maas. We should give Timmy the ball and see what develops and let him find a way to make this Offence work.

Here are my reasons why Timmy is the missing peice

  • Jesse is running and catching out of the back field better than any RB in the leauge

  • Bauman,Gardner,Curry, and Ralph are becoming to work together as a threat(Ralph just seems more comfortable with Chang)

  • Nick Setta has put more points on the board than the rest of the Offence and he's a work horse

  • Dickerson is giving an extra set of hands on the field

  • The O-line is showing improvment every game

  • The Defence is doing all they can except put the ball in the endzone them self

  • The new editions to the D-line made an impact right away(good pick up team)

  • Moreno and Armour have been solid

  • Cody's back that can't hury

-Cory Holmes is giving us good field position

So where is the peice missing QB the peice is there check the under the table(or sideline)were almost there fit that last piece and lets see what the picture is.

this is the PERFECT time to start chang to end this debate once and for all...

maas, againts the bombers, had 340 passing yards, and numourous first downs...but ZERO TD's and 2 picks ( altho meaningless when the game was out of reach )

lets see what chang can do against the SAME TEAM.