Last one out of Swaggerville, turn off the Lights!

Or fighting fire with more fire. Regardless, its still funny.

Personally I'd expect true fans to use common sense and not be homers. Tridus' example is a perfect example. I don't care if you're an als fan, riders fan, lions fan or what not but how anyone can claim that Weston Dressler's catch was better than SJ Green's is absurd. To claim that by being clear homers, you're supporting your team is weak logic and something I'd expect from either a 7 year old or a Vancouver Canucks fan.

Pure homerism (yes, I made that up) and there's plenty of other examples.

Anyways, glad that winnipeg is being humbled now. For a team that was 4-14 last year, hasn't won a two decades and has been overall mediocre in last 4 years, they sure don't know when to shut it.

No.. actually the cocky one was Durant chirping and beaking to Winnipeg fans behind their bench on Sunday. A real show of class! Not quite as impressive as the show of class from Coach Miller who did not tell his player to sit down and act like a professional, but still impressive. Everyone else in the league has listened to the whole "Rider Nation" talk for years, and now that someone else is trying something similar it is bad sportsmanship? I'm confused.

Hey don’t get me wrong. i’m no fan of that either. For a 3-7 team Durant looked like a dummy (I think even Rider fans would agree). Win with class and you’re correct with the rider nation thing too. However, it doesn’t mean Winnipeg should follow Saskatchewan’s example.

In fairness (and yes, I admit to a touch of homerism here), the Rider Nation thing had nothing to do with wins/losses or how great the team is.

Rider Nation was coined because no matter where you go in the country, there are Rider fans, and they show up to games and cheer loudly. I haven’t spent time researching, but I have read numerous times on this forum and from other sources that teams consistently have their best home crowds when the Riders are in town. Intuitively, that feels right, but I don’t have stats to back it up.

I see that as a big difference between “Rider Nation” and “Swaggerville”. “Rider Nation” is a rallying cry and tribute to the loyalty of a fan base willing to show their colours in any stadium, regardless of how well (or poorly) the team is faring. “Swaggerville” is an in-your-face boast that says “we are better than you and everybody else”. While I do subscribe to the saying “if you can back it up, it ain’t bragging”, the Bombers do not have the recent history to back up this boast, and the current performance of the team is looking shaky, as well.

I do think that the Bombers and their fans have every right to exclaim “Swaggerville” if they wish. But they had better be prepared to be called on it when the performance doesn’t back up the boast.

Butler for “Mayor of Shut-UpVille” anyone?

I didnt think there were any Calgary fans in Saskatchewan. Im not saying that to be annoying. I honestly didnt think you find much of a Stamps fan presence in Regina.

What i find a little different about the swag thing and the rider thing… The rider nation seems to be the FANS. the fans are the annoying and loud, boundry chashing fans. In the winnipeg camp, it seems it started with the players, and because of the success of the team, the fans picked it up. Although i should also note, even in pre season, the fans were comming out and supporting hard, even though the previous season was less then wonderful. So i dont see that many band wagon fans, since they were there before the good record.

it is funny that a rider fan started the thread, but i am thinking CFLISTHEBEST knew that starting this thread would cause people to say that.

Last time I checked Swaggerville still had a 8 point lead in the standings over the hapless Sliders. Leave it to a Slider fan to pop his cocky head out of his gopher hole after winning a couple games. Who's being cocky now. In fact I might be more impressed with the Rider's if their wins weren't always the result of hail mary passes and penalty aided drives. In fact I would probably swallow my tongue in disbelief if Durant ever managed to actually march down the field in a sustained drive that didn't include him closing his eyes and tossing yet another hail mary. If not for the talented Riders receiving corps making him look good the Riders would only have 2 points.

Well said, Swaggerville is not what the CFL is all about !! Swaggerville belongs in the no fun league !

Now rider fans have been talking about the Grey cup and has Miller.You have won a couple of games. Your still way behind in the west. Who the hell is cocky now. Bombers coach never talked about were going to the Grey cup. Yes some bomber fans did talk of Grey cup. But it seemed more of a hopeful thing after years of frustration. I myself hope and still do. We started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and we didn’t expect these wins so early in the season. So does it hurt your feeling that much that someone started swaggerville. Why should you care.Worry about your own team. What we do in Winnipeg is our business not yours. If you want Winnipeg run your way buy the team or shut up. If it put fans in the seats in Winnipeg its a good thing. It pays the bills and raises money for charity has well. Oh and one last thing cflisthebest you better hope that your teams lights don’t go out.

Those fans were being jacka$$es yelling to Durant about his mother and such during the game. So he yelled back when they had an overwhelming lead. Boo hoo.

Buying a ticket to the game doesn't give you the god given right to be a jerk.

Thank you, Stampeder67. I don't think this could have been stated any better!

It's so sad. There was a reason why everyone second teams was the Riders, people liked there story and their fans, but now Riders fans are arrogant little people and nowit seems Bomber fans are right beside them. I laugh, cauz the Bombers are now done, it was over so fast, like a 13 year old boy with his first girl freind, over real quick

you clearly don't know how to read that well..

I never once said anything about the Riders being #1 or Grey Cup Winners or anything Cocky about them.

I for one realize that the Riders have a lot of work left and nothing at all is a given here.

Your little insult rant and derogatory comments are aimed at nothing.

And You clearly didn't watch this game all that well as the Riders had a number of impressive drives down the field that ended up with scores.

quit reaching for anything you can find so that you can insult people.


While Durant didn’t get into the specifics of what he said to the Blue Bomber fans, he did take the opportunity on Tuesday to explain some of his thoughts on the Swaggerville moniker.

“I feel like if anybody deserves to have the swagger, it’s Montreal. Those guys are back-to-back champions, they won the East for numerous years, they should have the swagger,” said Durant. [/i]

Durant is a class act, and I’m not saying that because he’s giving my Als props. I’m saying it because he understands that until you actually win something, you’re no more deserving of accolades than anyone else. If Winnipeg wins the Grey Cup, we can talk about Swaggerville. Not until then.

i think its fun for the fans. better then the south beach trio.

The only thing for me, is glen suitor... SHUT UP ABOUT WHO THE MAYOR IS!!!!

You know this for a fact?

the part about the fans or that buying a ticket doesn't give the right to be a jerk?

From what I've read, they made jokes at Durant lauging at his "dented head" and remarks about his mom , childbirth ... Just a typical mob mentality. I don't have issues with the whole swaggerville theme if it generates interest and pride in their football team like they have going in Winnipeg but it can turn into a mob mentality just like the 13thman thing and watermelon caravans. Players are human beings and entitled to defend themselves.

And when fans of a 7-2 football team leave their stadium in droves before the end of the game, well they aren't all fans...

If they did make those remarks, shame on them, and Durant had every right to give them the gears.

Same TSN article that was linked in this thread, yep. Not the only place I've seen it mentioned either.

Certainly nothing new about fans getting drunk and making asses of themselves, and it's ridiculous for someone to sit here and bash a player for not being willing to put up with infinite quantities of fan BS.