Last one out of Swaggerville, turn off the Lights!

Bomber fans sure have gone from being the most cocky fans in the league to suddenly evacuating town.

for the last 3 weeks leading up to the back-to-back Labour day/Banjo-Bowl games, many of the Bombers fans were constantly harassing, making fun of, insulting and trashing the Rider fans on Facebook and other places. They were so sure of 2 wins and a nice fancy 9-1 record that they forgot to realize that you still have to play the games!

well, 2 losses later and a difference of 72 pts to 30 pts. Swaggerville is starting to look like a Ghost Town!

Not so cocky anymore are ya?

yes I know that not ALL Bomber fans are like this, so you don't need to tell me that...

But you get a little sick and tired of seeing all these Bomber fans who figure they're tops in the league (first time in how many seasons???) and they can now insult other fans and throw this swaggerville talk into their faces... and not have to face the consequences!

after next week, the Bombers will be 7-4 and thankfully have the lowly Argos.

They haven't even won a playoff game yet, never mind the Grey Cup.. and have their first great season since 2001 and they're acting like they've been there forever.

just remember this, the Alouettes went how many seasons being #1 in the East and sometimes #1 in the entire League only to lose when it mattered and got NOTHING. took them quite a few seasons to finally prove to people that they were for real and could actually win it.

nobody goes into the CFL and goes from 4-14 to a Grey Cup win without a little misfortune and trouble. The Bombers just faced their first true problems this year and already there's talk and emergencies.. some wanna get rid of Fred Reid, others are knocking Pierce..

the offense is their weakness, so far the Riders have exploited it and the Alouettes are about to do the same!

I bet you, that if Paul Lapolice had taken this Swaggerville and squashed it right at the start and got this teams heads in the right place, they just might be 9-1 now!


Hey man, I'm still here! Been a long night of beers, sorry I couldn't be there ASAP after the game. :slight_smile:

Great game Riders, and all the Rider fans I met were awesome. Good job on the back-to-back, best rivalry in the CFL hands down,

Next year my Green puke Jersey wearing brothers!!



it's all good! As long as you guys have a great time in Wpg it's a success in my eyes.

Is it just me, or is it Rider fans who complain the most about Swaggerville?

To me there’s not much difference between obnoxious Bomber fans and obnoxious Rider fans except the Bomber ones don’t stuff the ballot box on TSN play of the year polls. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah... as a non-Rider fan I have to say Swaggerville has been the most obnoxious thing in the CFL in recent memory. Winnipeg has been mediocre at best since 2007. They vault to a great start in 2011 (winning the close ones lost the year prior) and all of a sudden they're so great they deserve the self adorned monkier 'Swaggerville'.

This just sets up mass ridicule if those close wins now become a string of heartbreaking losses. A little more humility is in order until Winnipeg is in that Grey Cup or has a couple seasons of dominance.

I don't recall anything this ridiculous from the Alouettes the last 10 years.

what was with all the empty seats during yesterdays game?

im talking 3rd qtr.

The difference is Rider fans vote, and the rest of the league's fan whine but don't vote.

but the bombers fans did stuff the ballot box on the greatest QB/Receiver duo poll. Shouldnt have even been in the top 4.

any hot team gets cocky fans. Riderville had just as many over the past few seasons when they were hot. I can remember Rider fans that were saying a GC was imminent after winning the first couple games of seasons.

This is good! A rider fan complaining about arrogance! Too funny. What? Dont the "best fans in Canada" like company in the arrogance arena? Swaggerville is really about the Bombers D and their D wasnt the problem so much last game. 5 interceptions putting the riders in great field position all night was the main culprit. I think "Swaggerville" is extremely obnoxious and premature as well but the D wanst the big problem.

This coming from a riders fan. Classic! :lol:

Actually "Swaggerville" is not about the Bomber D.. it is about 4 or 5 guys ON the D who gave themselves executive titles and pronounced their clique "Swaggerville".... the rest of the defense has been left out!

Excuse me!!! Rider fans are the world's best fans! Get it straight would ya! Sheesh!! :cowboy:

Swaggerville- soon to be known as Smaggersville, history, end of story with no good outcome, no good outcome for the Bombers that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 good, solid football games by the Riders... doesn't matter who the opponet was.. I knew the team was better than their 1-7 record indicated... Greg Marshall will resurface as a waterboy somewhere! :lol:

This thread is kind of like pestilence fighting famine.

Funny i remember the same from Als fans. Calgary fans in Regina are saying things similar. Now if your team has a couple of good years, aka Riders and Als, you can say this as they have been in the GC over the last 4 years.

The issue with the BB fans is how extreme and quickly this thing took off. LaPolice hates it and knows it will do more harm then good. The Riders settled on Riderville, not Swaggerville. It is pompus. I LIKE the fact that BB fans are again behind thier team but after thier last two losses (blowouts), it looks Foolish. To be Swaggerville, they need to be 18-0.

Rider FANS voting for thier team, yup, that just doesnt make any sense? :roll:

Just because there is more Rider fans and they get involved in supporting thier team is not strange by any means unless your some wacko conspiracy guy! :expressionless:

Which one is the Mayor again, I'm confused. Is thier a swaggerville website I can read up about thier city council?

I didn’t say it was strange, but it’s awfully ironic to sit here and watch Rider fans flip out over Swaggerville when the rest of the league has been enduring the exact same thing from them for years. :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, there’s something not right when the “Rider guy” wins every TSN poll no matter how little sense it makes just because the fans will blindly vote that way. Play of the year was just a really good example because the SJ Green catch was so much better.