last nights black jerseys

were these the als old 3rd jerseys?

i've seen them before on fans ( rogers center )when the als play the argos, but i wasnt sure when they were used.

what are peoples thoughts on the jersey?

I wouldn’t say last night’s uniform were bad looking. But I can’t identify with these colours.

I don’t like when we mess too much with our uniforms. Our red jersey and our blue ones are nice. Three jerseys should be enough.

From what I saw last night (after the game), these were the old Puma jerseys that we had in 2004 & years before.

Up close, you can see the Puma logo was removed and replaced by the Reebok logo.

I hated that jersey then, and still hate it now, the blue 3rd jersey from 2005 is way much better !

so they were old puma jerseys, but were they 3rd jerseys back then?...they were never the regular home jersey, were they?

No. The Als had used them about once in the season, and it was a 40°C day, under a bright afternoon sun. I remember the players complained big time about how bad was the idea to dress in black in such heat.

I an not crazy bout them either.

They were used before and people were complaining that the names were too hard to read

they look black and purple...which are not montreal colours...

i thought they were the old balitmore jerseys at first...thought it was a tip of the hat to the past, but nope.

I thought the last time they wore them was in 2001 :? Their hideous nonetheless.

In Hamilton we need about 18 different jerseys, that way the fans dont know which team we are