Last Night

I found Andre Proulx cell phone. I knew it was his because there were six missed calls on it. :rockin:

Good one! :lol: And probably the rest were wrong numbers?

Poor Andre looked like a deer in the headlights whenever he made a call on camera close-up. What was the penalty? Which team? Who? Wait, let me check my ear-piece. Was it DPI, no maybe OPI on the challenge, no wait, Central Command says there was no penalty at all (must have been a David Copperfield illusion when the Eskie ran over our receiver?)

Me thinks it is time for Andre to either be rewarded with a crew that understands the rule book, or maybe just time to hang up the cleats?

Or maybe he should just lay off on the Johnny Walker double Scotches on game day ? :cowboy:

Rule question for someone smarter than I.
Last night Maas challenged a defensive pass interference call. Ref came on the mic and said "Edmonton challenges that it was offensive interference"
My question is is the ref supposed to look only at the Edmonton challenge or review the whole play?
The ruling came back that there was no pass interference but that wasn't the challenge as announced.

My guess is that asking for a review of OPI makes the review crew look at the whole play and they came back with the ruling of no PI on the play. Probably Maas thought that there was no DPI but the only way he could get them to look at it was to challenge OPI. He didn't exactly win his challenge but he didn't lose it either.

Ridiculous that the entire play gets reviewed.

In the CFL...there is no "crew" assigned to a referee. It's a mixed bag every week.

Lastly, there has to be a deterrent for these "hope and prayer" coach's challenges. Perhaps a 10 yard penalty on any challenge where you are wrong. It's the same coaches who throw challenge flags on every play, Maas, Campbell...

Talk about slowing down the pace of the game.

I may have missed this, but I thought OPI wasn't challengeable.

8) Agree 100%.....these coaches challenges are ruining the game and the CFL with challenges on an almost constant basis,
   and slowing the game to a snails pace !!

  Yes, they should impose at least a 10 yd. penalty on any challenge that is proven to be wrong !!

Article 3 - Coach Reviewable Penalties

The following penalties may be challenged by the coach whether they were called or not called during play

Defensive Pass Interference
Illegal Contact on a Receiver
Offensive Pass Interference
Illegal Interference – Blocking Downfield on a pass play

Note: Should any of the above 4 penalties be challenged, all 4 types will be ruled on

Roughing the Passer
Roughing or Contacting the Kicker
No Yards

The following penalty may be challenged by the coach ONLY if it was called during play

Illegal Block Penalties on Kick Plays

[url=] ... s/#r10s2a3[/url]
:lol: :thup:

Coaches can challenge either defensive our offensive pass interference. In this case, I’m guessing that Maas wanted to make sure the Command Centre considered the possibility OPI so challenged that. The Command Centre looked at the play, and for some reason decided that neither player was interfering with the other. Personally, I’m thinking we got away with one there. It sure looked like OPI to me.

I did not know that (obviously), thanks for the info. While it partially explains the high incidence of bizarre, confusing and inconsistent penalty calls n the CFL, it doesn’t explain why so many seem to occur in games officiated by Andre Proulx?

I often find myself apologizing or interpreting for Proulx because I find his games are, on the whole, usually evenly run, and calls are usually evenly distributed and consistent for both teams. Plus some of the more casual fans seem to assume that because he communicates all the calls, he also makes them all. However, his games invariably seem longer, which I have always attributed to more penalty calls. I have absolutely no stats to back me, only my own anecdotal experience, so it may just be my imagination.

Since we drive 2 - 2 1/2 hours to get home, I am conscious of the time of the game. We normally stay to the final whistle, and after a 7:30 game, generally get back to our car, parked near Sherman and Barton, sometime around 10:30, give or take. Last night, I noticed we did not get out of the stadium until around 11:00, and it was 11:20 by the time we were underway. Part of that lost was the Lyn injury, but they always seem later when Proulx is the head official. Penalties, challenges, whatever: without Proulx, home before 1:00 am, with Proulx, home after 1:30 am.

So, if each game is a “new” mix of umps, refs and line judges, why are the Proulx games seemingly so often flag fest and seemingly so weird and long?